Friday, May 18, 2012


As of the writing of this post, there has been no merrymaking in the Peck household despite the fact that today is Bruce's birthday. All morning long he had nothing but work troubles to sort out, followed by a dash to the office for some afternoon meetings. He even had to cut short a birthday call from Matthew because he had to hop in the shower. No rest for the weary as my late Mother would say. That's not to say nothing good won't happen later though.

Actually, last evening he was indeed quite happy when I gave him his birthday gift a day early. During a visit two weeks ago to Blodgett Gardens I saw what I thought would be perfect. Once we discussed his birthday wish, I knew I had to return. If you live in Orlando, you may be familiar with Blodgett, after all, they've been in business since 1936, which is a very, very long time for any business in Orlando. What's more the link gives you a bit of the history, as in they opened on Edgewater Drive while it was still a dirt road. They know what they are doing, that's for sure. How inviting does this look?
They have fountains upon fountains, but for our purposes, I needed a small one for what was formally known as our sunroom--now officially Bruce's office. There were two to choose from--just perfect.
A very soothing little tinkling sound emanates now from the corner of the room. We've tried to surround it by plants, and of course, the little hula girl! The hula girl--not Bruce's idea but I think it's cute!

You've heard of Jack and the Beanstalk no doubt. Somehow, when Bruce was tying up my tomato plant, it came to mind. Good grief has that plant gotten tall!
Yup, almost up to the roof! Before he did this it was bent in two which couldn't have been great for fruit production as there are only about five tomatos on the whole vine. Perhaps, because it will be receiving more sunshine,  things will improve.

As I was mowing the lawn yesterday afternoon, which looks terrific by the way, I recalled the science project I did while taking Biology at Valencia. The assignment was given, and that's when I thought the professor meant business, to do some experiment. Mine was this: Is there a difference between mowing straight lines or diagonal lines, given all things are the same, such as length of time between mowing, dry grass, that sort of thing. Despite the fact that I was still quite weak then, I did my experiment. Duh--that professor never even acknowledged the assignment. Darn her. I suppose this all came to mind because while going through my continuing education folder, for some unknown reason, loads of my imaging reports were in there with lots of scary words in the reports. Thankfully, they were wrong. Given that, there's one more reason to be doing a little merrymaking now isn't there?
Indeed, the grass. Wonderful, right? What do you see in the grass? If you guessed foraging squirrels, you guessed correctly. Please note the Vaseline smear on the baffler which seems to be working. I'm not holding my breath though because they've fooled me many times before.

Now here are some birds you've rarely seen me post:
Yikes--it's vultures up in our pine tree yesterday afternoon! How dare they? As I was walking over to Angela's house her lawn guy, who used to be my lawn guy, pointed out the vultures in her neighbor's yard, eating away at something. I started to get closer to have a look see and then thought better of it. I'm curious, but there are limits to my curiosity!

You would think this was a bird blog, what with all the photographs of birds, wouldn't you? If you are stumbling upon this blog for the first time, believe me it is not, it just looks that way. The following photograph will not convince you otherwise! A quick little drive through of the peacock neighborhood on my way to Lowes and here you go:
Too funny!

Have a happy weekend my dear readers,

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Shari Sherman said...

Hi Gail,
I love the Hula Girl! Wish your hubby a happy birthday from the blogosphere!

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