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Christmas in Six Months!

Monday, as we were all studying our newly dealt hand, Beverly pointed out that it is only six months until Christmas. Really? Where did the year go? Ladies our age always feel as if time is flying by, and maybe it's not only our age, but everyone. Does it feel that way to you?

With the Christmas remark fresh in my mind I then realized, oh my gosh, I've left that Christmas basket of British "goodies" from Angela sit on the hearth all this time!! Good grief! The truth is, the contents left me less than excited, so there they sat for six whole months. Judging from the interior shots of our home, you've more than likely gleaned that we like to keep things neat. Clean, we're not talking about that--it's neat we strive for. Clean is a bonus! This is no dis on the Brits, it's more about me not being an adventurous eater. Spotted Dick. Just can't do it.
For all I know it is perfectly good, perhaps even delicious, but there's just something about the th…

I Got a Nikon Camera

Let's just say at the outset that Ron Rash's The Cove is a fantastic read, that, if you have the time,  I highly recommend. So good in fact, that this early to bed woman stayed up until midnight finishing it, as if she were a young girl again. The shocking ending was on my mind a good bit yesterday.

With that out of the way, let's recap the storm. It's finally out to sea, which is probably about all you need to know, however, I've still got a few more things to say about the ordeal. Mistletoe is not something that gets a lot of attention at this time of the year. I'm thinking mistletoe comes up in conversation for only about two weeks of the year, aren't you? Furthermore, you've probably only seen small branches, right? Cleaning up the yard debris, post Debby, I dragged this bunch out to the curb, placing it beside the bin to give you a bit of context regarding the size of said mistletoe!
Although I can see more up in the tree, I had no idea how large i…

Tropical Storm Debby

At least it hasn't been hot for the last few days. What it has been is rainy, (4.5 inches so far), grey, gloomy and WINDY. When last I wrote, the rain was merely sprinkles, however, soon thereafter, the rain began falling and essentially did not quit for two days. Even so, we have been going out and about because that's what Floridians do. Staying home because of the weather is generally not on our radar!

Giving Bruce the choice of a drive up to Sanford, recently made infamous because of the Zimmerman case, or, over to Cape Canaveral, where I'd read there is a nice restaurant overlooking the ocean, he chose the former because, truth be told, the 45 mile drive to CC might have been challenging. As it was, the 25 miles to Sanford had it's moments with yours truly the designated driver.

I'll admit Bruce was skeptical of both ideas, however, once we arrived in downtown Sanford, such as it is, he was glad we'd made the trip.
On my last visit to the tiny downtown I no…

Sunday Roundup

Say what? Posting on a Sunday Gail? What is that all about? Just in case you haven't heard, Tropical Storm Debbie is just off the Florida coast in the Gulf of Mexico, primarily just causing gloom and doom at this point. The weather forecast, here we go again, was 80% rain chance for the weekend which didn't exactly pan out on Saturday. Deciding that skipping the Winter Garden market was the prudent thing to do, barely a drop of rain fell yesterday, which according to Dana was THE topic with the vendors yesterday. Puzzling last night about what to do about today's market, my decision was to stay home if it was raining when we woke up. Well, it was raining, albeit mostly sprinkles, so here I am all cozy inside and blogging away. There's lots to discuss.

Writing about homes, such as mine is threatening to become, that get a little carried away with their outdoor decor, I realized that I'd given you no hard evidence of my observations. Let's change that shall we? T…

Slippery Slope

There is a slippery slope one finds oneself on, once one hangs something up outside and I should know because I'm slipping. First it was the bird feeders, followed by a bird house, followed by some sun thing, and the list goes on. Why, if one is good, two is better, yet isn't there some sort of rule of thumb when decorating that odd is the best? Of course there is, so three, or even five is just fine.

The zeal I once reserved for shoe shopping has been replaced by finding cool outdoor decor. Mind you, I don't spend a lot on these purchases, but when I find something I like, I don't hesitate. But, now I should. Three things hanging from two trees, three sets of wind chimes, some hanging baskets--certainly that should do it. Unless, of course, I find something else....

The prompting for this has come from my bike travels. Riding down all the streets within about a mile radius of our home, I've discovered some houses that it seems the owners have not been able to stop…

The Kayak Has a New Home

So much for the high wire. First thing yesterday morning I looked out the windows to see what, if anything, was happening on the townhouse feeder. What to my wondering eyes should I see but a damn squirrel perched atop munching away. the sound I made while opening the door. The darn thing jumped, landing in my pot of thryallis, breaking branches along the way.

As if we needed more proof of what a nuisance they are, Bruce took his kayak off the stand to check for more damage and boy did he find it! Check this out.
Lord knows what they find appealing about hard plastic. A few weeks ago he bought a sonic device that alleged to ward off rodents. Thinking like others do that squirrels are little more than rats with fluffy tails he thought perhaps it might work. The evidence above shows it did not. Neither did the moth balls which he'd sprinkled liberally and for good measure left the nearly full box inside. Clearly, something had to be done.

If you don't know it by n…

The Battle Rages On

While I was selling my wares at the Winter Garden market on Saturday, Bruce was battling the squirrels, stringing a high wire if you will. Despite his best efforts, the previous set up was not keeping them from eating more of the bird seed than the birds do!
So now, he's hoping the squirrels will not have the agility of Nik Wallenda. Because the wire is super thin, it is a bit hard to photograph, but it is visible with close inspection.  Attaching a pole to the fence on one side, and some sort of hook contraption on the house eaves, he strung the wire. See it now? The red winged blackbird, one of the few birds I recognize by call, is having dinner. He's also dines for breakfast and lunch around these parts!

The squirrels so far have not attempted to walk the high wire although no one will be surprised if they do. For now they are clinging to the side of the feeder in the tree, and on occasion, settling for the fallen seed below.
As is another unwanted visitor. In the photo whi…