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The Battle Rages On

While I was selling my wares at the Winter Garden market on Saturday, Bruce was battling the squirrels, stringing a high wire if you will. Despite his best efforts, the previous set up was not keeping them from eating more of the bird seed than the birds do!
So now, he's hoping the squirrels will not have the agility of Nik Wallenda. Because the wire is super thin, it is a bit hard to photograph, but it is visible with close inspection.  Attaching a pole to the fence on one side, and some sort of hook contraption on the house eaves, he strung the wire. See it now? The red winged blackbird, one of the few birds I recognize by call, is having dinner. He's also dines for breakfast and lunch around these parts!

The squirrels so far have not attempted to walk the high wire although no one will be surprised if they do. For now they are clinging to the side of the feeder in the tree, and on occasion, settling for the fallen seed below.
As is another unwanted visitor. In the photo which of these is not like the other??? My gosh, if it is not one thing it is another!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday, warm, breezy with very little humidity whatsoever. Is this really the middle of June? I'll take it.

Driving home on Old Winter Garden Road, I finally stopped to take a few photos of one of the most interesting buildings around--Health Central, which was once an independent hospital now owned by my former employer, Orlando Health. I deplore that name, Orlando Health, almost patronizing if you ask me. When Lisa was born way back in 1960, it was called Orange Memorial, as it was from way back when. It was only in the '90's, probably around the time marketing became bigger than healthcare,  that they began changing names every few years, or so it seemed. But, I digress....
Interesting shapes, colors, and textures. The colors are just as they appear in the photo-I think it was all those puffy clouds in the blue sky that caused me to finally stop and see what I could see. The market was nice with decent sales, in fact, the sales nearly outpaced Lake Eola for the second time in two weeks. Of course, that tells you that they weren't great, but certainly better than nothing. Saturday afternoon I got out last year's sales book, noting that on the Sunday of Father's Day I sold all of two prints for $50 at Lake Eola. I prepared myself for the worst which didn't happen. It was better than last year despite the weird weather. The forecast called for 20% rain chance which is hardly worth mentioning in Florida. But then it rained--not a lot, but off and on. The life of a street vendor is very unpredictable as you well know.

Before leaving on Saturday morning I noticed a large box left the previous evening on the front porch while we were out on a date. Wondering what it was, I dragged it inside. Drag you say? It was heavy.
Of all things it was filled with about 75 prints from Sun Dance. I'd forgotten that they promised to send prints of what they are publishing for my use, but seriously what will I do with them? Here's what I'm planning to do--take them back! I appreciate their sentiment, however,  I've no use for them. It was kind of cool though. :)

Bruce had a lovely Father's Day, spending most of the afternoon and evening with Bill and Dave for a cookout by the pool at David's condo. Following the market I joined them; by then the weather seemed to have stabilized and it was nothing short of beautiful sitting beside a pool, lakeside. While he was chatting with Matthew on the house phone, Bill called him on his mobile, with Jonathan calling in while he was telling Bill he couldn't talk. What can I say---the boys love their Daddy. As well they should! I was realizing that my father has been dead longer than I knew him. It's well known that our parents were not the greatest but still, I'm grateful for many things I learned from the both of them.

Speaking of my parents, both of them played golf, my Father better than my Mother. I've never played golf, but perhaps it is their influence that's caused me in my later years to enjoy watching the game. I spent a serious amount of time watching the tournament this weekend, but if you can imagine, I went to bed before it was over. Webb Simpson was in the lead, coming out of nowhere, when we went to bed after 10 last night, and stayed there. Something very cool to share--my sister Nancy has worked as a scorer for many tournaments, most recently the St. Jude's Classic in Memphis where she lives. Last year Webb Simpson was in her group. Maybe you have to be a golf enthusiast to be impressed?

On a typical market day I mostly stay in my booth except for bathroom breaks which normally include a round of picture taking for Dana, which is to say, I normally do not shop. Yesterday was an exception  and I came home with two things. One, a very cool orchid for the living room from Jim and Kathy:
According to the tag it is an Oncidioda Kilauea B550-A Haloween. I can't find much online to share about this orchid, but it sure is delightful. Just yesterday, after all this time, I overheard Jim telling a customer that an orchid will bloom three times in two years. Six months of growth, two months of bloom time, and so on. Furthermore, he says to cut off the stalk once it is done blooming. Perhaps I've mentioned that Jim taught high school science for more than 30 years and oftentimes you would think we were in his classroom!

They have five acres and not only grow orchids but fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Two weeks ago Kathy brought blackberries to share which I then made into syrup for pancakes. Delish. I've no clue if it will work or not, but I put the blackberry solids, leftover from the syrup making, into a jar and filled it with vodka. A small one mind you. I'm expecting it to become blackberry liqueur, but then again, it may just become vodka with blackberry in it. I've placed it in a dark closet and plan on letting it set for a good long while. Time will tell now won't it?
Yesterday I came home with some sage, tarragon and chives from her garden.

Stopping at a booth that sells stuff, allegedly made by African women who need income. That's not a great description but in truth I didn't stay long enough to get all the info. Here's what I bought from them:
Little carved wooden birds painted very colorfully. The exact location for their cuteness is yet tbd.

Happy Monday friends,

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