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Better Late Then Never

I imagine you were expecting me to write this installment of Camera Crazy much earlier today and typically that is my pattern. Not so today as you've already discovered if you came looking for me earlier. Instead of writing, I spent almost the entire day reading a novel that I just could not put down. It was that good, or at least to my way of thinking. And really, why should I put it down? I'm all alone, unless you count Baxter, so instead of feeling sorry about that I went to New York in the middle to late 1800's. My friend Carol recommended, City of Promise by Beverly Swerling, a novelist I've had the misfortune not to have discovered until now. Talk about intrigue, ambition, greed, corruption, romance--it's all there in the early days of New York City. Read this novel!!! Or rather, devour it!

I convinced Bruce to stay home Friday night and so we did. Saturday, while he was visiting his Lakeland job I was vacuuming so as not to disturb his conference calls during the week. Until 3:00, the rest is a blur. After 3:00, I know just what we were doing. Last year on June 2, our friend Connie's 31 year old daughter was buried after committing suicide. Horrible, I know. The headstone was finally ready and friends and family gathered to commemorate the occasion. What a terrible choice of words, but other ones fail me at the moment, probably because the thought of it all is so darn disturbing. Connie asked if I might take some photographs which may sound weird. but I'm glad I was able to help in some way. Because I had my Olympus with the Pancake lens in my purse it was fairly unobtrusive.
That's Connie on the right and her former husband. Tragic.  Nonetheless, the family seemed to be holding up fairly well and we were glad to lend our moral support.

Now I remember what I did on Saturday morning--pick up some prints from Mr. Roger, however, the added prints proved to be unnecessary because the market was oh, so slow. Yes, it was hot, but not that hot and despite the 95 degree temperature, the humidity was so low it didn't feel THAT bad. Meanwhile, in London, Matt was braving the rain and cold to see the flotilla commemorating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. He got some really great shots that show the crowds lining every available surface despite the dreary weather.

Thinking about London, I came across this article about the mixed feelings the Brits have about Anish Kapor's Orbital. The article includes a very cool time lapsed photography segment on how it was assembled. You'll remember we visited the Olympic Park viewing area last summer when it was this size:
I'm sure I've said it before, however, it bears repeating--I CANNOT WAIT for the Olympics. I love the pageantry, the sports, and the stories, which are pretty much the main attraction. Although those venues looked pretty darn cool as well.

The other day Bruce was saying Baxter was getting on in years and of course I responded, no he's not. "Ask Siri" he said. So, I did and for once she was helpful, or as helpful as a robot can be. Anyway, turns out our little Baxter is 9 years old which may not sound too old but according to you know who, the life expectancy of a Yorkshire Terrier is between 12-15 years. Hmm.... Here he is as a little pup in my Mom's arms.
The occasion was her final birthday party. Seeing this photo for the first time in a long time, it's hard to believe she was dying of ovarian cancer. That crazy dark hair of hers,  which if things don't change any time soon, will be on my head at that age! Poor Lisa, I can't remember what was wrong with her hand.  And then there is this funny video Jonathan once took of Baxter as a youngster.  He used to love to walk on the curb, but no longer, he's such a lollygagger.

Because I've been riding my bike every morning instead of walking him, I decided to take him to the park today and oh my, the rose garden looked spectacular.
Every single plant just covered with gorgeous blooms as were the trellises.
Because the days are heating up so, I've been leaving the house around 7 and as it turns out, five miles takes me no time at all. I probably could do more, but Bruce cautioned me to take it a little easy, lest I lose any weight. I'll see how it goes. This morning on my ride a neighbor had these on their mailbox following a graduation party last evening.
I have no idea when Boone High School added blue to the mix, but there you go. They have. Not only Bruce, but all four of our sons graduated BHS. Maybe there were big graduation parties back then, but for some reason, I don't think so. Everything, it seems, is a very big deal these days.

Which makes this new graffiti I've found now around town in several places very curious indeed.
Maybe there is more to it than meets the eye, but really, how in the world can anyone be bored in this day and age, what with a million television channels, places to go, people to see?

Oh my gosh, that reminds me! Jonathan and Alissa went to some event in Austin this weekend where many of the young cast of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS were featured. There is photographic evidence of them meeting them! Vince, Landry, Becky, Grandma Saracen and more!!! Honestly, those children of mine are always doing the most remarkable things. It is such a pleasure living vicariously through your children, particularly when you are not putting pressure on them to do things, such as sports. We are some lucky, lucky, parents for sure.

I finally washed my hair tonight after swimming today so it must be attended to if I have any hope of taming it into the bob. Good night my dears and stay tuned tomorrow for a look at my Mother's Day gift which arrived in the post from London this afternoon. You're going to love it!
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