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Floating down the Length of My Pool

Mostly I took it easy yesterday, nursing my sore body. I'm not getting any younger, so these things take time! Well maybe not too much time as this morning I do believe I'm doing considerably better.

As Bruce was leaving for his flight yesterday morning he suggested I stay off my bike for the day, however, after giving it some thought, I decided to give it a try, staying close to home for the most part. After as many days as I've been riding, the habit has been formed, leaving me a little lost if I don't get out there.

That was pretty much the extent of my moving around, with the rest of the day spent either at my computer working on my calendar images, reading, or floating in the pool. For the most part I don't spend a lot of time floating, but yesterday I thought it might do me good. Lying (laying?) there, mostly under the shade of the overhanging palms, gazing through the fronds at the blue sky filled with puffy white clouds, I remembered something I told Matthew when I began selling photographs. By the way, Matt is an owl, and Jonathan a peacock! Who knew?

Anyway, I remember telling Matthew that I would be content to be the "Thomas Kinkaid" of photography. Not the huge popularity of course, but one who perhaps critics scoff at, but the public loves. Or in my case, liking would be enough. You see, I had a chat with Matt on Sunday evening after the market and I told him my feelings about my recent disappointment. Although he was sad for me, he convinced me that being turned down for the show was not enough to get me so discouraged. Reminding me of some successes I've been lucky enough to have, I took it to heart, so much so that I forced myself to apply to some Spring shows Monday afternoon. Furthermore, I didn't try to second guess what the judges would like; submitting the images I had already planned. That's such a problem when you can only submit three images, especially for someone like me who is so darn prolific! Only time will tell. :)
I forgot to tell you my bathing suit this year has a little floaty skirt which is very fun! I spent some of my time reading an excellent novel given to me by Bev, Stones from the River. I'm about 100 pages in, so I'll let you know later if it is worth your time. So far, so good. Monday I picked up a few more outdoor furniture pieces including the two ottomans.
And, I guess it was Monday morning that I rode up to our shopping center to check on the construction progress. I was surprised to see how nice the new Applebee's looks:
From the exterior it looks like it won't be long until it opens, however, the finished exterior can fool you. Bruce tells me that people stop by his jobs all the time wasking WHEN is the Olive Garden going to be finished?

If you want butterflies in your garden, plant PENTAS!!! You won't be disappointed! This poor little one sure does have a ragged wing, which is probably why I could get his picture.
Bruce had his annual review on Tuesday afternoon which is what kept him from traveling on Monday. After having lunch by the pool together, I started skimming the top and discovered a fat ladybug which are not nearly as plentiful as these guys:
I had Bruce hold the skimming paddle, which is really a net with a frame if you've never had the pain/pleasure of taking care of a pool. I ran in to get my camera AND something to put said ladybug on for a photo shoot. Crawling on the small dish for only so long before flying away, I got this one:
Super cute, right?

And now, let us discuss the Olympics! Got my schedule right here!  Because I'm so ill-informed when it comes to television I had to look up the channel numbers. Well, really, there are so darn many, maybe very few people can remember them all. Anyway, to make it easier I wrote a little cheat sheet, placing it alongside my viewing chair. Speaking of television, here's a little something about a former Olympian, actually a female, weight lifter who competed in the heavyweight division. The film airs this evening on PBS stations.

Our man in London has secured some SWIMMING tickets for Saturday!!!! He'll be seeing both Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte!!! As a former high school swimmer, this will be even more special because he will surely be able to relate more to the sacrifices needed to make a world class swimmer, over say, a world class fencer, which he'll also be seeing.

So, here's the little Olympic bus parked in front of the televison, where I'll be keeping it throughout the Games.
That said, Matt gave it to Bruce for Christmas last year, so it isn't even mine to play with, but I suspect my sweet husband will approve.

Good grief, I nearly forgot my writing intentions for the day! Sarah from Sun Dance called yesterday morning--my images are selling!! She gave me the break down and all totaled in paper prints they have sold 527!!!! Well now,  just the encouragement I needed.

As I listen to all the athlete's stories, the time and effort they have put into their sport, I'll be reminded that I've not really been at this gig for very long at all. My computer groans with effort to keep all my images, but if I want to be good, I have to practice each and every day, just like an athlete. These Games have come at just the right time.

With that, it's time to get in the saddle before the morning sun rises too high in the sky!

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