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The Eyes Have It

They say that the first thing most humans notice about another human is their eyes. While I can't say that is true for me, I usually notice hair, I can certainly see the value in such observation.

Yesterday afternoon, while watering the Pentas in their hanging basket, I discovered some eyes staring back at me!
It was so weird seeing those eyes as I held the sprayer over the basket! Now, here's where a macro lens works very nicely as long as you use the manual focus. Most cameras need a fair amount of contrast in the subject to focus properly, and as you can see, aside from the tiny red flower and the eyes, there's not a lot of contrast! I had noticed my once lovely plant was looking a little pekid, and now I know why--a hungry caterpillar!! You've all read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle haven't you? Here's a refresher for you....
After taking the photo, I thought to myself, "Self, now what?" Why I'll just cut the branch off, that's …

Two Movies in One Day

I wanted to like both films I watched yesterday more than I did.

For those of you afar who were worried about Tropical Storm Isaac and Central Florida, you need not have because it was a total "non-event" around here. Yes, there was some rain, yes, there was a little wind, but nothing really out of the ordinary for our region in the summer. 2 1/2 inches of rain fell in about 24 hours which is really not that much. Or, at least that's what fell at our house according to my handy-dandy rain gauge.

That's not to say that it wasn't dreary because it sure was. I don't like dreary days one bit. This morning, while riding my bike, I realized that perhaps the reason I felt so dreary yesterday is because instead of changing into my shorts soon after getting up, I stayed in my robe until maybe 11:00 in the morning. Now, for some this may be no big deal, but I'm kind of a doer in case you haven't noticed. When I can't be doing, I feel a bit out of sorts. And…

Is It Real, or is It a Fake?

About 80% of the novels I've read in my life, and that would be quite a few, have come from our public library. My usual method is to skip all the New York Times bestseller books, peruse the rest of the new fiction, and pick out ones that seem appealing. I have to admit, oftentimes, the cover is a big draw. Other times it is the publisher, ones that I know print the type of fiction I like; for example, Algonquin Press. Based in North Carolina, their authors typically write about the South, and I do love a good Southern novel such as "The Cove" by Ron Rash. Speaking of which, Nancy read his former novel "Serena" and says it is a winner as well. I'm pretty sure I told you about how incredible the ending of "The Cove" was, and sure enough, when Nancy  finished the novel, she called me right up to say--"whoa!"

Lately, my friend Terese, who buys books like nobodies business at Costco, has been arriving at our bridge game with a bag of books, …

Out and About

Everyone knows that I pretty much always have a camera nearby. Perhaps it is my Olympus in my handbag, my Nikon on the kitchen counter or, the Panasonic in my bike basket. You just never know when a picture opportunity will present itself; horror upon horrors, I  should miss one.

Five years ago, when I named my little business, I never expected that the home front would provide such inspiration for my photo taking. In fact, in the early days, most everything I took was indeed, out and about. These days, as you've probably noticed from my blog, I stay closer to home, instead of rising early, early to go on a photo hunt. I'm thinking some of it has to do age, as I'm not quite as limber as I once was, nor do I relish getting up in the dark. You might think I began bike riding because I felt guilty about not exercising, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It was my knees-- once so easy to get down on the ground without hesitation--these days harder to accomplish, …

Experimenting with Macro

I am easily distracted. Let me just sit down at the computer, to say, look up how to remove seeds from spent marigold blossoms, and the next thing you know, I'm watching a video on Macro shooting. Truth is, the video is probably more important in the grand scheme of things to an alleged photographer than the seed gathering so maybe it wasn't all bad.

You see, although I bought the Tamron lens, I really had/have no idea how best to use it. Sure, I've had it on the Nikon D60, but how close can you get, what settings, all that stuff is mostly beyond me. So, the video helped, first and foremost because I learned that if I want to get really good shots, I need to manually focus the camera, certainly not my specialty. I'm more of an automatic girl, but don't tell that to folks who think I'm a "real" photographer. They may quit buying--oh wait, they already have! Just joking about the buying part, but it has indeed been a difficult summer.

But onward we go b…

How About Orange?

Today I came across this awesome blog called How About Orange. Need I say more?

Perhaps you are new to this blog and if so you may not know how much I love the color orange. So much so that I now have SIX orange lamps in my house! SIX? Yes, and I'm offering no apologies.

While watching the Olympics I went through a stack of magazines which had been piling up. Corrine, my dear 86 year old neighbor, gives me both Southern Living and Good Housekeeping after finishing them each month. Love recycling like that don't you? Now I know what you are thinking--Good Housekeeping? Believe me, it's an excellent resource for all sorts of things besides cleaning, which as everyone knows, unlike orange, I'm not a fan, despite my last post. By the way, when Nancy called this morning she asked if I'd oiled my teak tables, to which I replied--"are you kidding?" "I vacuumed the sofas, isn't that enough???"

So while leafing through the above magazines I came acro…

The Last Laugh

Remember how last week I was getting all high and mighty, in particular warning you against believing everything you read online? I told you this was our 38th wedding anniversary, and by golly, it was our 39th!!! Furthermore, Miss, trying to act like a kid again, now has water in her left ear from her handstands! I laughed at myself, but I'm ceding the last laugh to you dear readers. :-)

Things have been busy, busy, around here, some of which happened last week, but I never got around to telling you about it. On facebook I saw someone post that a curator needed some work for the monthly Third Thursday because their artist canceled at the last minute. Well now. I sent him a message telling him I had some pieces that were just hanging around after coming home from the Church Street gallery--we agreed to meet to see if they would work for his space. They did. I drug myself downtown to show support on Thursday night ,and fortunately I ran into some friends who accompanied me to the sp…