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Out and About

Everyone knows that I pretty much always have a camera nearby. Perhaps it is my Olympus in my handbag, my Nikon on the kitchen counter or, the Panasonic in my bike basket. You just never know when a picture opportunity will present itself; horror upon horrors, I  should miss one.

Five years ago, when I named my little business, I never expected that the home front would provide such inspiration for my photo taking. In fact, in the early days, most everything I took was indeed, out and about. These days, as you've probably noticed from my blog, I stay closer to home, instead of rising early, early to go on a photo hunt. I'm thinking some of it has to do age, as I'm not quite as limber as I once was, nor do I relish getting up in the dark. You might think I began bike riding because I felt guilty about not exercising, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It was my knees-- once so easy to get down on the ground without hesitation--these days harder to accomplish, so I thought maybe bike riding would help, and it has somewhat. Now all I need to do is incorporate some arm exercises, because, despite being thin, my arms are getting pretty saggy which hasn't kept me from wearing sleeveless clothes, but maybe it should!?

Before we head out and about let's take a look at the promised under the sink clean up, shall we?
Beginning with emptying everything out, I trashed a bunch of stuff whose usefulness had come into question. I threw away some candles that if Isaac does cause us problems, I may regret. As well, I finally put this into the recycling bin:
Do you recall the broken glass door? For two years now I've saved some of the pieces thinking I could put them to use for a photography project which never materialized. Gone now!
We'll see how long this lasts, however, even with my good intentions, oftentimes before long, things are back in disarray.

We haven't discussed the squirrels lately. Rectifying that situation, take a look at their latest acrobatics, giving new meaning to the term, hanging by a thread, or in this case wire!
For the last several weeks they've been content to feast on the budding pine cones, however, after leaving about two hundred empty ones on our yard and in the street, they are back at the feeders. Not, however, the Nuttery, which has been pretty much squirrel-free since I put Vaseline on the little baffler. Woohoo!

Finally, the last of the shots from home, here's a Brown Bud Allamanda, which is aptly named:
So let's see what has interested me in the wider world:

Here's one I've been meaning to show you from when I stopped at the Polasek last week to check on the inventory:
Looks like a cool art installation doesn't it? Apparently they painted all the shovels this bright yellow enabling the volunteers to see them at a ready glance when they are lying in the grass. I suggested they put this display out in the middle of the big front lawn and watch folks reactions. :)

Several friends have mentioned a new little spot on South Orange Avenue, which we tried on Friday night. Cheap food+tiny little space = fun.
The Gnarly Barley, as you can imagine, has lots of beers which as you may also recall, I don't drink. Bruce, on the other hand likes beer, and is always game to try something new. The young server brought him samples, some of which he liked, most he did not. The glasses were cute though.
My friend Kris, who I used to work with at the hospital, arrived with friends, adding to our fun. The owners, 23 year old FSU grads, seem to be making a go of the place as it was nicely crowded. I'm thinking Jonathan and Alissa might like it when they are visiting in December. After the hard week Bruce just finished, it was a nice little diversion.

Lasting, maybe two weeks, all around town the bromeliads were blooming, as in this shot of Lake Gem Mary, which is two doors down from us.
Once they are tired, they lose that great reddish color. but prior to that, it is quite the sight.

Steve and Barb had another get-together last night which is always a good time.
You may remember Bruce's boss Tracy, who was diagnosed with acute leukemia a year ago on the weekend of his wife's 50th birthday party. Happily, his stem cell transplant seems to be working and he's returned to work, cancer-free, albeit 50 pounds lighter.
It has been a very rough go for Tracy and Liz (pictured), but they are hanging in there, and hoping for the best.

Glancing out the window as I type this late Sunday morning, the sky is pale gray and the palms are swaying in the breeze. Yesterday morning Dana called with the news that the city was canceling the market because no one knows how Tropical Storm Isaac will affect us. Time will tell as it always does.

Speaking of time, has anyone read, "A Visit from the Goon Squad "? My, oh my.

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