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A Little of This, A Little of That

Do you like your good news or bad news first? It's a toss up for me, so on the 50-50 chance that you like good first, let's do it!!!

Opening the mailbox on Friday afternoon I was pretty stoked to find this...
Can you believe it??? In the catalog there are a few other images of mine, and the truth is, during my visit to Sun Dance a week or so ago, Alajandra showed it to me. This is really all pretty insane isn't it? Anyway, what she didn't tell me is they were using one of mine on the envelope to mail to ALL of their customers! Oh my! Although I've seen myself on their website, holding this stuff in my hands is, and I'm just being honest here, a pretty neat feeling. I have surely been blessed in my efforts, have I not?

I left you last week by saying it was a big sports weekend, and although my favorite golfers did not win the $10 million prize, our Florida State Seminoles looked like the dominant teams of the past. Fantastic outcome, fantastic game!

On the bad news front, the baby car has been totaled, which pretty much breaks my heart. That said, at least, after three weeks Jonathan can move forward, and hopefully find a replacement car he can afford. Because I leased the car, the check amount above the pay out is coming to me, which I'll send along to Jon boy to buy his first car. I've encouraged him to spend some time on Edmunds to actually learn how to buy a car--the first time he'll be doing so. I'll keep you posted.

In the good news category, I'm happy to report that this here blog has helped reunite some high school friends! Last week or so, I posted the picture of Eric, who in turn was recognized by Carol, mother of Maddie, who in turn asked me to pass along her info so they could connect. No problem Carol as he only lives around the corner. Riding over there Friday morning, he was most delighted hearing the news about Carol, which makes me very happy.  While there I roamed around a bit--well, of course I did, it's a nature paradise!
The lovely lake front and beach. While I was hanging around there about fifteen ducks gathered near the shoreline. Now here's a duck I can appreciate, or make that ducks...
There was a great blue heron who took off...
That's some wing span isn't it?

And a special treat, a beautiful Monarch butterfly, the likes of who have not been gracing our yard, but apparently they like Eric's flowers...
Bonus points for all that orange!!!

Friday night Bruce finally got home around dinnertime and asked me out. The other day Dana reminded me about what is called, Magical Dining Month, so I checked the website, looking for a spot for a nice date. Well, I can say this much for The Prickly Pear, their font is nice.
Why, oh why are all or our restaurants so mediocre???? I won't bore you with yet another long tale about how bad restaurant service is in Orlando, except for one small incident. The concept is that you get an appetizer, entree and dessert for $30. Sounds good, right? I selected the chocolate fritters with hot fudge sauce, raspberries and vanilla ice cream. Normally I never order dessert, but I thought what the heck. What the heck indeed! The server eventually brought my dessert, except there were no raspberries, nor was there vanilla ice cream. He said, he saw chocolate ice cream and thought I might like that instead. He also argued that raspberries were not part of the dessert. We all know how poor my memory is, HOWEVER, I knew there were supposed to be raspberries. I told Bruce, they must be out of vanilla ice cream. Scanning nearby tables, all with chocolate ice cream, confirmed my suspicions. If only he had been honest rather than the lame excuse he used.

We should have stayed home and eaten chili....

Friday's mail also included this mailer:
bringing back fond memories of reading the "Frog and Toad: books to my children, once upon a time.

On my early morning bike rides I sometimes travel down Ferncreek, and see a vine covered fence with loads of passion flower buds. Because they only open later in the day, before Saturday afternoon's ride I hadn't seen them in all their glory. Saturday afternoon? That's right. Lawn mowing and yard work took precedence early, so my ride happened later. So, here's the deal. The vines grow along the sidewalk allowing me to feel comfortable snagging a couple to bring home and photograph against some sort of background. They are so enticing because of their spectacular architecture, and color. Using a piece of white foam core that comes with my prints, I took it outside. Remember when I took the sunflower outside and the yellow butterfly came to visit? Well, this time it was a bee/wasp, who, although he's beside it in this photo, lost himself in the bloom later on.
Not only does the stamen arrangement look like a helicopter propellor,
the flower smells divine as well. Honestly, the first time I saw one I could not believe how complicated they are!

The market was good, about half the previous week's sales, but much improved over other weeks. Plus, the weather is beginning to change for the better. Although rain fell pretty much all last week, the skies were blue, the temperature was only 91, and people were out and about. My optimism is growing by the day. The temperatures this week will only be in the high 80's encouraging said optimism. Before long, the windows will be open and this blogger will be a happy camper! Here's to Fall my friends!
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