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Back to Nature

How many times do you suppose someone has used that either as a phrase, or a title? A bunch, I suspect! It got your attention didn't it?
How about this photo for an attention grabber? Because I only sit on the couch, or in one of the thrones while watching sports on television, I don't often see what is happening with the bird bath. As I sat there hand quilting, several finches sat at the water's edge, with one finally taking the plunge for a little bath!  Naturally I had to get my camera, however, by the time I returned this little rascal had taken their place. It must have been refreshing...
Getting a photograph of anything on the birdbath is no easy feat because, not only is the sofa in front of the window, but there is a screen on said window. I climb on the cushions, fit the camera between the blinds, and hope for the best! The new feeder has done its' job --- the squirrels are no longer eating us out of house and home. Well, make that outdoor pet food, which is what is written on the bag of bird seed. When I saw that it made me laugh because, darn if it isn't the truth!

I'd done some rearranging of the feeders because I thought the townhouse was broken, when in fact it had only come apart. Still and all, I like the red color better on the high wire, and it seems as if the finches do as well, because there have been so many you can't believe.
My understanding is the red on the left-sided finch is from diet. Yes, indeed, the birds have been swarming; here's another look at a tufted tit mouse in case you have been dying to see one.
Again, on the left. They are such cute and lively birds. Hearing a tap-tap-tap sound, I wondered if it was a woodpecker, or a blue jay. What, you didn't know blue jays take their food, tapping it several times on, in our case the fence, before eating? Well, now you do.
No blue jay but a woodpecker way the heck up in one of the Chinese Fan Palm trees which have grown so tall since we moved in. I can almost remember, almost being the key word here, when we looked at this home with Bill, David, and Jonathan after church one Sunday back in September of 1995. Fortunately for us, David, while visiting a friend on Appleton, brought home the Open House flier. Because our home already had a buyer, we were looking, looking, looking. He said, I think you might like this place Mom, and he was right. Wandering the back yard, we were so impressed with all of the palm trees, AND the outdoor lighting. The outdoor lighting was big time! Making an offer on the spot, the realtor almost fainted because, apparently, NO ONE ever buys a home after seeing it just once, AND at an Open House. Well, you know we are different.

Despite replacing almost every system we have, we have always loved this home like no other we've owned. Speaking of replacing/repairing, the squirrels have been at it again. Apparently they are getting back at us for buying the Yankee Flipper by chewing a giant hole in one of the sprinkler system electrical covers. Not only did they chew the hole, but they ate the wire nut cover which is the plastic thing that covers the wire ends!!
Pray tell, what will they think of next? Bruce cut a plexi glass circle which he screwed onto the remaining plastic--let's see them get through that!

Gladiolas anyone?
Although my friend Lois has moved to Gainesville, her legacy continues through her garden. I have met both Dave and Cheryl, who bought her home while on my bike travels, and they are just as accommodating about letting me photograph what's in bloom. I just love, what I'm calling the white piping on these flowers. That's a sewing term for those of you who wonder what I'm referring to.

While we're looking at red, how about the seed pod which forms after a magnolia blooms?
For two weeks or so, I've been thinking that our weather is showing signs of fall. How can that be Gail when everyone knows that fall does not arrive in Florida until at least the end of October? The plants are telling me so. I've seen all sorts of odd things going on, such as some magnolia trees still blooming, our azaleas have a few blooms which is unheard of at this time of the year,
 as well as our outdoor pets behavior.
Furthermore, our Chinese Tallow tree is losing leaves, as are the Sycamores lining Pershing Avenue, (or at least that's what I think they are) showing their fall colors. All very strange, and I might be way off base, but I guess time will tell won't it?

Rain, rain, rain. 5 inches in less than 24 hours! I'm glad I went to Winter Garden yesterday because today is a rain out, which is why you find me blogging instead of selling!
I love those pears in the galvanized bucket, don't you?

Enough photos for you? I thought so.

As you well know, this summer has been somewhat discouraging, which is probably what I say every summer isn't it? Anyway, I finally have some good news to report. It's a long story, involving Mr. Roger, who those of you who have been reading for awhile know as the man who has done my printing for five years now. He's gotten big time, I'm still pretty small potatoes. Why, you ask, am I mentioning this? Well, his name is now the area's most well known as the quality printer with more customers than he knows what to do with. One such new customer is the new Federal Bankruptcy Court. They are decorating their offices with lots of photographs in large canvases, one of which is from your favorite blogger. That's a 40x60 canvas! Several hours after taking that call on Friday, I got an email from Mr. Richard Forbes of the Orlando Historical Board saying they have chosen not one, but two of my photos for next year's City Calendar!! After not getting in the previous two years, I was elated! Plus two small orders have come in via the phone and email. All I needed was just a wee bit of encouragement to keep me going.....

And a very special thank you to my friend Lois, a retired Humanities professor from Valencia who sent me the sweetest note the other day regarding this here blog. She called it fun reading. Let me know if you agree with her, will you?

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