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Friday, I'm in Love

Well you knew that didn't you? It's hard to imagine sometimes, how lucky I was to meet the love of my life while still such a young girl, isn't it? What's even more remarkable to think of is how much we are still in love. Crazy, after all these years, indeed.
Something else that occurred to me after the art group meeting the other day, was how fortunate I've been with my photography business. Sure, I get a little downhearted, but I expect that's pretty normal for any business owner who is passionate about what they do. What I'm getting at is this: pretty much every person who visits my tent, or table, has a camera and knows how to use it, unlike say, a painter who is absolutely more unique. So, if everyone has a camera, and can take pictures, it seems all the more remarkable that I have sales of mine. I'm one lucky girl aren't I? Is it okay that I still refer to myself as a girl, even though I'm 58? Okay, I'll call myself a lucky woman....

Lucky indeed. Every time I do laundry, I put the change I find at the bottom of the washing machine into this adorable orange polka-dotted piggy bank.
Today's earnings=25 cents. Woo hoo! Talk about some mad money!

We had a little visit from a zebra butterfly the other morning, of course, he was feeding on the pentas. Always, the pentas.
It's really no wonder that people on a limited income do not eat healthier foods because of their expense. Probably, I'm living in the past, but $1.25 for an apple is pretty steep if you only have a small income. Perhaps it is because this apple has come so far?
Matt and I had a delightful chat the other day, well, make that a discussion, because invariably that's what our calls usually become. He was bemoaning the reality of an homogenized world, which he witnesses first hand during his travels. Only last week, while in Istanbul, he was once again reminded that if you want to go to Starbucks, or more surprisingly,  Clare's Accessories, you can do so while visiting that ancient city. In addition to that topic, he explained how the National Health System works in England. The biggest news, however, is he now has papers in hand giving him the right to stay in the United Kingdom till the cows come home. Or something along that order...

I came home from bridge yesterday afternoon in a very good mood because we were not last! Our final four games were played against a former pastor of ours, Howard Eddington from First Presbyterian Church. He and his wife joined the group about two weeks ago. Anyway, bragging just a wee bit, we won three out of the four hands we played against them, enabling Debbie to go home in much improved spirits over last week. I did skip the morning lesson because I've decided it is just too much of a good thing all at once.

Instead, I made, and sewed the binding onto the quilt. Next step is the hand sewing on the front which I'll work on during sports this weekend, that is in between markets, but you get my drift. While sewing said binding on, despite using the walking foot, my needle broke which is no big deal. What is a big deal is threading the needles! Yikes, my old eyes. So, when later I ran out of bobbin thread, I did something for the first time in my sewing career.
If you've never used a sewing machine this won't mean a thing to you. Perhaps the next paragraph, once I write it, will be of more interest. Anyway, I used the second peg, wound the bobbin full up, and eureka!--I was sewing once again. Highly recommended technique.

Facebook is a two edged sword isn't it? Great for keeping up with family, lots of junk, games, and time wasters, but for me, once I began posting the latest installment of Camera Crazy on my page, my readership has risen. That, I'll take any day. And then there is the possibility of "friending" someone you'd be unlikely to ever meet in person.
Now, that made me smile. I told him I was spreading the word and his work here in Orlando. If the commercials are true, "Everyone Comes to Orlando Eventually" perhaps he will as well? Not holding my breath though.

You know me, I could go on and on, but I'll wrap this up by telling you that Jonathan and Alissa bought a Jetta last night, much like the one pictured on the link. Thinking about how much society has changed during our lifetime, it's interesting to reflect that at 29, Bruce and I were the parents of four boys. Jonathan, at 29, is buying his first car. I wonder what it all means, or maybe it means nothing. Time will tell, as it always does.
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