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Out of the Blue

When the doorbell rings at 6:20 in the morning, you know something is up. Dressed in my nightgown, I grabbed my robe, just in case it was Pete from next door, and unlocked the front door. A young lady, standing in the dark, apologized for bothering me so early, but she didn't know what else to do because, as the house sitter across the street, while letting the cat outside she somehow locked herself out of the HOUSE! Wondering if perchance I had a key to Elie's house, I had to answer in the negative, however, I welcomed her in and maybe together we could  figure out what to do. Adding to her problems, as a third year nursing student, she was scheduled to be at the hospital by 7AM. Although Elie's parents live across the road in Southern Oaks, neither of us knew which house belongs to them, and they were not listed in the phone book. Apparently they were coming by anyway at 8:30 which seemed like a long time to wait! Erin laid down on the couch, watching a little local news and after telling her to make herself comfortable, I took off on my bike.

Google? What would we do without you? During my short absence she "googled" the parents and by the time I returned she was in her nursing scrubs and off to work. All's well that ends well!

So, that's how my day started. Just when you think there would be nothing more to write about random happenings occur which need to be shared! Speaking of sharing, I discovered from a few folks that the commenting issue was more because it was a hassle figuring out the security code. I was hoping it was that simple, so I've now changed the setting. Feel free to comment with abandon if you like. That said, Matt suggests that because I love the writing that I should not worry about comments, which I'll take to heart. Of course, every now and again, if you like a photo don't hesitate to let me know!

I just knew I was going to hear things I didn't want to in yesterday's session. Instead of writing, I should be marketing my work to the tune of 60% of my work time!!! Leaving only 40% for creating. Although it may only take you a few minutes to read Camera Crazy, it takes far longer to write it. Fine by me because it gives me pleasure, however, now I'm feeling a little guilty because I'm apparently misusing my time on this frivolous endeavor. :-(

Eleven of us, ten women and one man, sat in a circle in Robin's studio introducing ourselves and learning about the business of art. Mail Chimp, Evernote, Moo Cards all were mentioned. I heard some ideas which were mostly ones I knew, but don't practice as I should. Such as getting addresses of buyers, either physical or email. If I've sold over 5,000 prints, imagine all the addresses I could have amassed! That's my homework--do a better job of that. Everyone was super friendly and talented, making the time pass quickly. I've got two weeks to get my act together as our next meeting is September 25th, what would have been our Mother's 87th birthday were she alive. Plus, Bruce and I started going steady on that day, way back in 1966, and haven't been apart since!

So, what else is new? The other day I visited Eric, the master gardener who lives around the corner on about a two acre lake lot with his parents. Did I mention Eric is in his 40's and formerly was an anesthesiologist? Did I mention he's now getting a Master's degree in Mayan archeology so he can learn how they used plants for medicine? Whew! Here's Eric alongside one the many, many blooming orchids hanging from their trees.
Despite the heat, there is always something blooming somewhere on the property. Seriously, there were a bunch of the pink ones, however I only saw one of this type.
Just when I mentioned that I hadn't seen any Monarch butterflies in my yard, three or four of them started flying around us. Eric will try growing anything, the more exotic the better. He once showed me a popcorn plant, no, not a corn plant, one whose leaves smell like popcorn! He's growing coffee, but told me his chocolate plant froze a few years ago. He gave me one Datil pepper, which he says is hotter than blue blazes, as well as a little stem of Aztec weed.
Eric said that he uses a touch of the Aztec weed for making salsas, my tiny bit of research tells me it is also smoked. Whatever the uses, both of them are not for the faint of heart, or I suppose taste would be more appropriate.

Remember the other day when I mentioned piping?  Check out this adorable blouse from the new Top Shop collection at Nordstrom.

I never did show you my lavendar African violets in bloom....
 It seems as if that windowsill in the sunroom is a perfect spot for these tiny little beauties.

Good grief, I also forgot to show you what I did with the bench, turning it from black to
Spring Green! Two cans were not quite enough, so I had to make a quick trip back to Lowes for a third, looking mighty grubby I might add. I am delighted with the finished product.
My sister Lisa is a spray paint queen--me, not so much. On this job I took my time, doing my best not to get any runs which would stick out like a sore thumb, as my late Mother would say.

Finally, and I'm using that in a two-fold way, the weather is cooling off a bit which is fairly uncommon for this time of year. Who knows how long it will be around, but whatever the time frame, we'll enjoy it while it's here!

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