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So Much to Say

Although I don't fully understand our son David's job, I know one thing--I am very proud of him. Starting as a Friday and Monday bank teller at Sun Trust, he worked very hard, even in that position, to make a favorable impression. While he was still a college student, people trusted his investment advice, and with good reason; he knew what he was doing. Following graduation, he worked at the bank in some capacity (I've forgotten), and before long he was given the opportunity to take the stockbroker's licensing exams, making him the youngest broker in the system. Youth is usually a good thing, however, in the investment business, people are slightly skeptical of a young person's advice. No matter,  David kept at it,working hard and gaining people's trust. When a client like Al Burnett allows him to assist him in managing his massive wealth, you know you can feel pretty confident in his hands. If you're disinclined to clicking on links, I'll paraphrase a bit. Al died over the weekend, but his legacy will live on through the millions, upon millions of dollars he gave to the University of Central Florida. According to David, he was quite the character, but gosh, is he ever going to miss him.

After all these years, two months ago, twin brother Bill has followed him to Sun Trust. Unlike David, who has now been with Sun Trust for about 12 years, Bill has moved from bank to bank. Recently Sun Trust recruited him and he's working in a somewhat similar capacity to David. They are both so fortunate to be placed in excellent locations--David on Park Avenue in Winter Park, while Bill is on Sand Lake Road in the "new money" part of town. It doesn't happen too often anymore, however, recently someone at Sun Trust thought Bill was Dave. That's being an identical twin for you!

While I'm on the subject of my sons, let's do a little update on Jonathan and the "baby car." It has not gone smoothly that's for sure! Get this: the at-fault driver would not answer the insurance company calls, leaving Jonathan in limbo for more than a week! I HATE it when people don't answer calls because it is just plain rude, rude, rude. Finally, yesterday afternoon, following a lengthy call between Jonathan and myself, he called from his University of Texas phone and by golly, the fellow picked up! Let us hope that from here on out things work as they should! We still really do not know the extent of the damage--whether the engine is fixable or not. Jonathan has not been happy about all this to say the least.

So, the other day I spoke with our friends at Sun Dance to see how things were going. Apparently pretty good. Just the other day they sold an image to someone who is making 30, 30x30 canvases of it, which I think will be in Home Goods. Alajandra tells me I need to be checking in the stores any day now. Crazy, right? Because I was at Florida Mall, I stopped in to get a photo of something of mine on their warehouse shelves. Here she is pretending to pull one out.
This is the one that has sold most frequently--maybe nearly 200 times. I can't figure out why, but hey, I'll take it!!

I know I'm now in the minority about reading the newspaper, but for sure, I won't be giving it up anytime soon. How else would I have known about the 9/11 memorial at the Osceola campus of Valencia College? With directions in hand, well, really on the passenger seat of the Honda, I drove out 441 to the campus to see it for myself. While a student at Valencia I never took any classes there because it is way the heck out there from our home. So, I was unfamiliar with the campus and the parking is not clearly marked, but eventually I parked in what I think was Visitor parking. I didn't get a ticket; always a good thing. The flags for every victim of 9/11 were beside the highway, a long entryway, and in front of their main buildings. Remarkable. As I walked from the car I came around the building to this sight:
As you can see, the skies were stormy, however the rain never really materialized, at least while I was there. Getting closer, I was moved to think that each flag represented a life not lived anymore.
I also loved the fact that it wasn't only the Americans, but everyone from every country that were killed on that terrible day.
Whipping around in the wind, the flags made the only sound as I moved through them because my arrival time was in between classes. I thought it might be harder than it was to get into the building,  but I knew the best way to see them was from above, so I went inside, climbing the stairs to the second floor for this shot through the window glass.
I used my Olympus 14mm, but  still, it was not wide enough to capture them all. Jonathan and I talked on my way home about his problems, and he began to put things into perspective. I told him that although I'm getting a little weary of his Dad's traveling, I am so very grateful there is no flag planted in my honor! While at Sun Dance I was vacillating about making the trip, but I'm so very glad I did. Driving home was super smoothm and I finally, after all the time I've lived here, learned where Orange Avenue ends! Of course, those of you who don't live here are mystified by that last sentence, but Orange Avenue is both our main drag through downtown, and I sort of live off of it as well. Orlando friends--Orange Avenue can be driven all the way to Osceola Parkway. Now you know.

The other afternoon I was working on my quilt
having a cup of afternoon tea,
when for some strange reason this silly thing came into my head:
Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
You make me happy,
As I hope I do you.
Before I forgot it, I sent a little message to Mr. Bruce with those words, hoping to make his day a little brighter. Not that I thought it was so great, but hey, when you're in love, you do silly things. Anyway, I could not for the life of me recall what I knew as the original version. Looking it up, I found that there are all sorts of verses beginning with Roses are Red.  Check them out!!! Some of them are seriously not for the grade school playground. That said, mine was not included, so either it is completely original, OR too silly to include.

I'm just saying that there must be money to be made with credit card payments because there is not a day that goes by that I don't get a robo-call about a system that I MUST use! Haven't they heard of Square?

If it is Thursday it must be bridge day. Right? Last week and this, I went to a class in the morning, followed by duplicate bridge. Today there were seven tables of four, two from each table rotate to the other tables.....well, it is complicated, but the bottom line is that my partner Debbie and I came in last!! It's a darn good thing I don't mind losing!!!

My lunch was light so I'm off to fix an early supper. Woohoo!! My husband finally comes home later, as in while I'm asleep, but hey, after four days, I'll take it!!
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