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Color Story

Sometimes I'm almost embarrassed at how much I rely on Bruce for most everything. Oftentimes I think of my dear new friend Bev, who lost her husband a few years ago, and how she's managing on her own. I admire her strength and attitude! There are a lot of things I do well, but setting up my stuff without Bruce is not one of them. What to do without him around this week? Why, I think I'll call Angela!!

For many, many years, Angela was a district manager for JoAnne Fabrics, in charge of stores in three states. She KNOWS how to get things done! Plus, she's a bunch younger than I am and very handy. She's been married twice--both husbands have shown no aptitude for hammers and nails, thus, she's learned how to do loads of things around the house. Because I have been fortunate to have a husband who can do and fix anything, I, on the other hand, have learned very little. Did I mention she's also 6 feet tall? Now that is really a help when doing handy things!

Did I tell you that Monday Bruce and I visited the FAVO space to see what supplies we needed? Pretty much it is a bare-floored, and windowed room with a bar on the ceiling to hang some lights. Monday we found no lights, however it must have been Tuesday afternoon I found some for a reasonable price at Lowe's. Anyway, during our visit on Monday we met Will Benton, the director of the space, who doubles as the organist at the church.
Will, Bruce and bare space! From the few times I've had a chance to talk to him I've already formed an opinion of someone who is very interested in furthering the art scene in Orlando. He has been working tirelessly to make this a success.

Although I showed you the outside before, that photo was taken in the rain, and at night. Sadly, that same sort of rain may visit tomorrow night, but I can't worry about that can I? I am in Room 239
which is the second blue door from the left on the second floor. There are lights strung along the balcony which should make a very cool ambience. No rain, no rain--that is our mantra...

Angela agreed to help, and Thursday morning fit her schedule, so it sure fit mine! Never look a gift horse in the mouth, as my late Mother would say. Packing the vehicle this morning I was getting a little excited, hoping we could turn the bare space into something a little welcoming.  I told you it was pretty bare bones!
Woo hoo!! Big find! Although the sink works, the toilet does not, so covering the entryway to the half working bathroom was something I hoped to do. If you can believe it, I found a grayish shower curtain on sale at Ross for $3.99!!! Somehow I had an extra rod, bought some rings at Big Lots for $1.00, and we were in business.

My British friend does not like our Florida heat, despite having lived in Florida for more than 20 years. Room 239 has only a half working air conditioner, so when I tell you her help was a labor of love, I really mean it!  Her height came in oh so handy setting up the lights on the overhead bar.

With her work experience she learned to be a take-charge person and I have no problem allowing her to do so. She asked me as we got ready to plan the hanging--What color story are you trying to tell? Well.....let's see....
In just a little over two hours the place was set up allowing us to head to the sanctuary of the Honda Pilot with the AC on full blast! I will be bringing fans, and with any luck the weather will turn a tad cooler by tomorrow night.
How about the shower curtain?? The table will have baskets for those who want to browse. As well, along with the fan, I'll be bringing another little table and lamp from my office to put in the other corner. The other wall has some of the larger pieces, but you've probably seen enough. I hope I'll be able to have some photos with visitors for another post! Wouldn't that be nice.

In the above photo Angela is getting things just right with the Stik baby canvases. I love those pieces, smiling every darn time I look at them. I came across a terrific three part Stik Interview yesterday afternoon from a London blog. He comes across as a very nice young man who has an amazing story. What I learned from the interview is that the turquoise Stik figures I photographed before our Street Art Tour began were painted outside the building where he has his studio on the fourth floor! I am one who likes to know these things.

Because of her speedy work I was able to play bridge this afternoon. You know what happens when you get a little braggy about doing better at something? You guessed it--we got pummeled today, and I do mean pummeled! All part of the learning curve my friends.

This last photo is for my cat loving friends--a pretty little cat walking down the street during my bike ride yesterday morning.
There surely is a color story here isn't there?

The days are getting so much shorter aren't they? Although it's only 7:30, it is nearly dark, however, I just had to let Baxter out, and despite the near-dark and rain, I dare say I saw some red in the sky and we all know what that means....

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