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I Didn't Actually Read it Alll

Good grief--if that's what the man who loves me more than anyone in the whole wide world says, I'm in trouble! I did, however, look at the photographs....

To be fair, Bruce has so little free time I can't blame him for not wanting to read my writing, but, it makes me wonder about the rest of you. Am I writing too much? Has my tendency to be considered, "chatty" shown in this blog?  Are you sick of me yet?

Comment update, not that you all have been storming this web page, but spammers have, and SO, I've once again changed the comment settings to allow only those within seven days of publishing to go through without the word verification misery. Get busy friends!

Now this article about how much stuff NBC learned about the viewing audience for the Olympics  
contains some fascinating information. It turns out, I wasn't the only one glued to their television!

Out & About we go on my bike rides.....

The other morning I was riding down Baxter Street and it would have been very hard not to notice this sign:
Agreed? What's really remarkable about this crime is that the house is set WAY back on the lake with a gate out front. An inside job perhaps? Friday, while heading out to do errands in the Pilot the sign was changed to this one:
It's a mystery to me how anyone steals tires and rims and then returns them...

Some days I ride down Summerlin, turn right on Sweetbriar and take this little passageway at the end of the street to ride into Southern Oaks.
It looks pretty with the sun shining through doesn't it?

Then again, sometimes I turn left on Sweetbriar, riding by Lois's former home, and end up on the street behind hers. Every time that I do, I love seeing how these red chairs on the lawn provide such a fantastic contrast to both the house and all the greenery. Bonus points for having a cat in the photo!
Those gigantic Golden Rain trees I was raving about? Here's one near the corner of Pershing and Ferncreek that is pretty darn gigantic.
A few days ago, while out and about with Mr. Baxter, we walked into the lake lot which is in sore need of attention. For years, one of our neighbors has kept the grass mowed, however, either he has quit a thankless task, or is a wee bit behind. I didn't stay long, not only because I was worried a bit about snakes hiding in the grass, but Mr. B. found it impossible to navigate the sea of grass!
Two days of markets and very little to show for it. That's what I get for thinking pretty good thoughts about my sales during our meeting on Tuesday. Actually, it was really pathetic, but I had fun nonetheless. This morning, Bruce did my sales tax data which I promptly paid, not wanting to ever again get one of those pesky $50 late fees! While he was in the spread sheet, I asked him how I was doing for the year, which is what interests me the most. I'm happy to say I'm $300 shy of last year's total, so with any luck, in the next three months, I'll break last year's performance.
The red-haired fellow is Bradley, the produce guy. His efforts were largely responsible for Winter Garden being named the best medium farmer's market in the country. If you look at the vote totals you can see that every last one of them was important!

As I sat at the market yesterday I realized that I rarely actually write about my days spent there which means I've been negligent. Tomorrow will be devoted to what a day at the market entails, from the setting up to the tearing down, and all the sweat in between!
I've got a dining room table covered with Polasek note cards which need sorting....

Short enough for you?

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