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Mixing it Up

I had the most incredible experience on Saturday. Really, nothing like this has ever happened to me, or at least I hope that's the case. Have I got your interest yet?

Here's the deal--I'm standing in line at the Garden Center at Wal Mart behind a group of three women and a girl, probably around 11 years old. In my cart there is a 20lb bag of sunflower seeds for the birds, which, in case you are missing the birds, so am I. More on that a little later. As well, there is a pack of 4 Hanes undershirts, a bottle of Round Up, some Fritos and a bag of tortilla chips. Oh yeah, two containers of deodorant. Why, you ask am I detailing my cart full? You'll know in a minute.

One of the women pays for some chicken with cash. She moves towards the door. The other three push their purchases forward. Two sippy cups, a gallon of milk, some tights, and dishwashing liquid. They complete their transaction and leave. My turn! After my transaction is complete, I ask the cashier why I haven't had to sign for my credit card. She explains if it is under $50, no signature is necessary. Except, I tell her, my purchase is $62.00. Hmmm.....

Pushing the cart outside I think to myself, this should not cost that much. I study the receipt. and lo and behold, I've just paid for the ladies in front of me! Heading back inside, I mention my receipt is wrong. and what I hear astonishes me. The cashier, a spry gray haired lady, explains that this happens with frequency. How? Well, apparently they make like they are paying using the key pad, hit cancel, grab their bag. and are out the door without paying! ($15) Check your receipts my friends! What sickened me the most was the young girl being exposed to thievery.

I have posted no bird pictures because, sadly, there have been very few to photograph. I thought it was the seed I purchased from Ace Hardware, thus, I went back to their favorite. Alas, still no birds.

Halloween is finally here and I'm glad that is the case. I must be some kind of hum bug, but I just don't get the ghouls, witches, the whole shebang. Here is one I saw along Gatlin Avenue:
Clever use of the moss though... I've never been a huge fan of Halloween; it was always a struggle to come up with four costumes every year. Mostly I don't remember too much about any of it except for one Halloween when the boys were very young. I was working at the time and rushed home in my surgical scrubs which was a no-no. The details are vague in my mind, but as I recall, I finished a surgery case, raced home to get everyone ready, and out we went. Where it happened, I can't tell you, but I remember we were filmed by a television crew for the evening news, and I was scared to death I would get in trouble for wearing the scrubs home! I didn't. Furthermore, I let my boys eat all the candy they wanted on the first night, hoping it would be gone quicker. I know some Mothers who would no more let their kids do this than walk out into the middle of a busy street, but not me. Eat away boys!

Because I don't have any human boys around the house, every now and again I take a photograph of the canine boy to send to Bruce. He was unusually cooperative:
Two good things happened yesterday: the Federal Bankruptcy Court purchased two additional large canvases for their building, AND, I got an email saying I was accepted into what I hope will be a really good show: Images in New Smryna Beach. Good grief, when just getting the link I discovered there is a Friday afternoon session as well! I must read these things more carefully! Anything can happen with the weather in late January so we shall see, however, from what I've heard it is usually quite nice.

When I got back from my bike ride late last week I found a green dragonfly attached to the closed garage door. You know what? He stayed there for nearly four hours even though I opened the door to put my bike away! How about that for being cooperative?
The wings are simply incredible aren't they? I sent a version of this to Bev, a former science teacher, and I mentioned that artists may have used the wings as a pattern for stained glass. What do you think?

The older you get the more one thing reminds you of another. When I saw a fence covered in these morning glories, I couldn't help but think of my darling Jonathan so loving the band Oasis and the song, "What's the Story Morning Glory?" I liked it too as did the love of his life, Alissa.
After traveling for a few days I discovered I'm not much for eating out. I don't know how Bruce does it! While home for a few days, he was happy to just go to the fridge (still clean by the way), and eat a few of my pickles.
What he would have really liked is some of that pineapple! That's the thing, everything out is so complicated when simple things will do. He, of course, does not complain, saying the travel and all related hassles are the easy part of his job.

Have I told you that when I do the laundry I put any loose change, found at the bottom of the washing machine, into a little piggy bank. It's rare that I find this though:
I remember a time when losing $7.00 would have been a very big deal. In fact, if I think about it, my first job taking x-rays payed $3.25 hr. You do the math....

Here is the pink house again; I don't know why it intrigues me so. This time there is a black cat which seems fitting for this Halloween post!
The last few mornings have been very chilly indeed. I've discovered that riding a bike in cold and windy weather is not quite as easy as hot and steamy! This morning, it's a bit warmer, so without further ado, I am calling it a post. Time to get on my bike!

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