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The Eagles Have Landed

I can tell I'm going to have a new obsession for the next week or so. Are you ready for this?? This morning my ride took me down Ferncreek towards the Lake Conway dock. The neighborhood adjacent to the lake is lovely, and I'd not visited there for a few weeks. It was a chilly morning, one that reminds me I must get some sort of longer pants, rather than shorts, as well as some light gloves. But, I digress....

As I was heading home along Ferncreek, I spotted, not one, but TWO eagles in a needleless pine tree!! Without further ado....
It is times like these when I wish I had a longer zoom! I've cropped this pretty severely because they are about 60-70 feet in the air. After coming home I decided perhaps I could try the Panasonic, so jumping in the car I drove over there only to find that one had flown away. Despite having just charged the battery it showed only about 1/4 charge, further proof that it is heading for retirement. Typically I don't use the digital zoom featu…

I Should Be Sleeping

Alas, I am not. Baxter is normally perfectly happy to sleep as long as I want. This morning however, he decided that 4:30AM was a good time to go out. Hmmm....try as I might, I could not go back to having
--- instead I got to work, putting clothes in the washer, and cleaning up my desk. I know, if I kept it neat daily that chore would not loom it's ugly head, but, what can I say? It gets messy, or at least by my standards.

When your birthday falls in late December, not only is it largely ignored, but it means all sorts of things must be updated, including my radiology licenses and my car tag. I've not taken care of the car tag yet, but I'm happy to report that both my National and State licenses are a done deal. Who knows if I'll ever use them again, but for now, I'm keeping them current.

After a fine session with the artists yesterday I took a few moments to photograph at Park Lake which is across the street from FAVO. Isn't that a pretty name--Park Lake? Ther…

'Twas the Month Before Christmas

'Twas the month before Christmas, And all along the streets, The yards were adorned  With Christmasy things
While some looked good in the daylight Others did not, But oh what a sight this must be, when the lights go out.
There are bows and striped candy, and a dog here and there, with some dressed to kill, while others just barked.
There is Jesus and Mary and Joseph too, With an oversized angel,  and an elephant in fireman gear, both watching out  for the Holy trio.
Not to be left out, Santa appears too, Perhaps he's become a vegan in 2012? As the calendar turns to December, We shall see more, keep coming back, for a laugh or two!
Okay now, my last attempt at poetry! With Thanksgiving coming so early this year the folks who have already decorated may be wondering when they get their utility bills, "what was I thinking?" Then again, perhaps not. I'm probably only jealous because Bruce has never been one to get into Christmas lights. 
Are you with me on the sillin…

I Wore an Apron for Two Days

And it served me well, not only for keeping my clothes clean, but I don't know what I'd have done about wiping my hands! Before leaving our home, the Iceberg held my dishtowel, which was directly behind me at the sink. I can't bring myself to put it on the new fridge, or at least not yet. Then too, I know I'm in the minority, but I'm not a big fan of paper towels. Crazy, right? And then there is the big pocket on the front which held my reading glasses as well as Angela's house key. Her key? Yep. I used her wide oven to cook my two pans of dressing, which for the first time ever, I cooked all of it out of the turkey. I won't get into the dressing/stuffing debate, but it seems to me that if it is out of the turkey it should be called dressing.

Before I donned my apron I arranged these lovely roses sent by my brother-in-law Danny.
I know others think it is too much work, but for me, there is nothing like homemade. Thus, I made my pie crusts and fillings. Maki…

Seal of Approval

It seemed as if both the food and the new appliances won the crowds seal of approval on Thanksgiving! Regrettably, my cooking duties kept me from taking many photographs except for a few, some of which turned out, while others did not.  Before we look at those, look who came back yesterday afternoon!
All Thanksgiving day, what with the beautiful weather and all, I had the front door open and kept hearing Mr. Cardinal all morning, which, as you can imagine, made me quite happy as I went about my work. It seems as if all the flowers are blooming out of season and with that in mind, perhaps these two are once again building a nest?

Bruce just called and is already out in Winter Garden to set up our booth for the weekend. It's chilly my friends. Oh how I hope there will be folks, although if it were me, I'd be home watching the Florida State-Florida game which is on at 3:30 today. After watching my favorite team all season, the reality that I will have to miss the big rivalry game…

A Whole Lotta Beeping Going On

While it is common for me to read the obituaries, it is uncommon that doing so leaves me chuckling, well, in this case make that downright laughing uncontrollably. I know what you are thinking--who laughs about the dead? Take a look at this and see if you can keep a straight face.

Monday night, while chatting with Brandy, a painter I met years ago, we started talking about originality in making art. Our conversation continued about those artists who always win at art shows, a source of contention for many. This past weekend she was shocked and happy to recieve an Honarable Mention at a show, going on to tell me who won Best in Show. Turns out it was a photographer who does black and white Florida landscapes. Heading to my computer, I looked him up, telling her it didn't seem very original to me. Nice, but nothing you haven't seen before. Brandy does a lot with hearts in her paintings, and so, while still on the phone, I Googled "heart paintings," coming up with a gaz…

She Called Me a Thief

While it may not look like much right now, my garden is now primed to be a cacophony of color and beauty. It began with a trip to Home Depot on Colonial Drive after bridge on Thursday. Did I tell you Debbie and I came in second place in our division again??? Woo hoo!!

Anyway, finally the garden centers have beautiful flowers once again. I picked up two trays of white petunias, four baskets of the cutest violas you can imagine, and something else I can't remember. You don't have to wonder about those violas because here they are:
Aren't they adorable? Or do you prefer this color combination?
From what I've been told, violas, sort of a mini version of pansies, are more prolific bloomers which I'll let you know in a month or so if that is true or not.

As I began planting on Friday morning I thought to myself, Gail, you don't have nearly enough to make a statement. Thus, I went to our Lowes which is only three miles away. I don't know about "your" Low…