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Further Afield

Yesterday morning I rode further afield, in part because I wanted to see what I could see, and too, I missed riding both Saturday and Sunday. I rode up to the bank at the corner of Orange and Gatlin, down Orange Avenue and turned near Michigan, riding on some back roads to get to Summerlin and home. Lake Jennie Jewel, seven doors down the street from our side yard looks one way from our side, the second half of the lake is on Orange Avenue, and it looked like this early yesterday as the sun was on a slow rise.
The one and only fish I've caught in my life came from this lake. I have no patience for fishing unlike Bruce who has the patience, just not the time. By the time I pulled into the driveway I'd clocked nine miles, a record for me. When I woke up this morning I was thinking I might ride over to our polling place and vote first thing but on further reflection I've decided to let those who need to get to work take the first places in line. I am sure I am not alone in thanking God the election is finally here.

In what I imagine will be my last two pieces of campaign propaganda (oh wait, didn't they used to call it literature?), came this morning. One was the sleeve of the newspaper, and the other was laying on the front porch. Oh, if only any of the claims were true. Speaking of elections, history, that sort of thing, I came across the most fascinating program on the History channel. After watching a few hours of The Men Who Built America I learned some amazing things that if I knew previously, I'd completely forgotten it. It was a good reminder of both how far we have come, and how far we have to go. Rough and tumble back then with a few holding most of the money--somewhat like today. What I also learned is that the powerful men were very much in competition with one another--Carnegie, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, all trying to one up each other. It made me think that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were the modern day equivalent. High profile--competitive, and cutting edge. Catch it if you can!

So, I did FAVO on Friday night with not as much monetary success, but certainly fun and interesting. My sweet friend Bev came before her night out at the theater.
Although I've known Todd Fox for some time now, meeting him about three years ago at the slowest art show I've ever done, he's worn a ball cap every time I've seen him which is generally at the market. Who knew he had no hair?
He laughed when I asked, where's your hair? I took this early on before his fans started showing up. My space looked nearly the same with a few new additions:
Following the pack up, I made a quick stop at Mr. Roger's to pick up some prints, and that was Friday. In the morning I went out to the Winter Garden market because Fiesta in the Park forced the market to close. There was a corn festival with hay rides, a maze, and games for the children. I met some new folks, and some old friends, including a visit from the Goldsmiths who hail from Long Island. TJ's brother lost his home in the Sandy mess, claiming once it is re-built, he's moving down to Florida. Torey, the youngest daughter is enjoying her blue ice on the grass:
They are sure happy they moved to Florida a little more than a year ago--barefoot in the grass in November--indeed!

We met Steve and Barb for dinner later, however, after our drinks were served, Barb began feeling light-headed and nauseous, prompting an early exit. She has recovered which is more than I can say for Mr. Bruce. He's still exhausted from last week and is on the road again. Poor baby.

Because we had a rare Sunday off we decided to visit Park Lake Presbyterian Church; our take-away? We both miss setting aside part of the week for worship and thinking about something greater than ourselves! 

With that in mind, let's talk birds for a minute, shall we? Although I said last week that the bird sightings were scarce, I spoke too soon. While on the phone Friday Bruce was looking out his window, calling to me in the back of the house--come see a big bird across the street! He apologized to whomever he was talking to, explaining that his wife liked birds. Rarely have I ever seen a hawk this close:
Grabbing my camera I kept my eye on him as I walked across the street--he was perched on our neighbor Wanda's fence. Surprisingly he did not move allowing me to get relatively close. If I could judge distances I'd tell you it was 100 feet or something like that but I can't. Trust me on this. Moments after taking this a stream of bird poop came out and off he flew!

Another day since I've last written I saw this darling Carolina Wren through the front door:
They are just the cutest little birds. Saturday I also saw the return of the red-winged blackbirds, as in more than two, multiple doves, finches, and tufted tit-mice. So there.

Speaking of further afield, our son in London, Matthew, wrote this piece for a website, founded by several of his Northwestern classmates, explaining what the Defense of Marriage Act means to him. After reading it you will wonder why I am the one doing most of the writing in the family!

This time tomorrow we will have either the same President or a new one. Half of the American people will be either delighted, or disappointed. The funny thing is, whatever happens will one day be on the History channel, with viewers amazed at either our brilliance, or our ignorance. Raising my boys was both fun and challenging, with this mother oftentimes repeating to herself through the trying times, "this too shall pass Gail", and it did, as everything does. What most we need in our country right now is compromise--let us move forward--discussing our differences while finding solutions to the challenges of our day. Forward--pretty please?
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