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Roaming Dog Wears Christmas Dress in Mid-November

One never knows what one will come across while riding ones' bike. This one saw something so funny yesterday that I could hardly wait to show it to you. So, I'm riding along and out of nowhere I see this:
Seriously! I'm thinking instead of saying Ho Ho Ho, the, ahem, "dress",  should say No No No! I mean seriously, who puts a dress on a boy dog? Not to mention Christmas is still seven weeks away! 
Think what it will do for its self esteem! Apparently nothing to date, as this tiny dog acts like it owns the road.
It still makes me laugh looking at the pictures. Don't ask me why that guy is holding a large stick because I've no idea, however, he did tell me the dog tries to follow his owner to the elementary school down the street. This is the kind of thing you just can't make up my friends.

The new oven has been christened without incident. Here is what a brand new, never been used oven looks like inside. A few weeks from now, after cooking the Thanksgiving turkey, I'll have this photo to remind me of the formally pristine interior.
I did have a little learning curve on how to use the digital controls, but all's well that ends well. Our art business group met yesterday and one of our assignments was to bring food for the group. Because I had a whole chicken in the fridge I cooked that using my favorite seasoning from Nandos. I can't get enough of that stuff, and neither can these folks

This post may be a bit short for me because I MUST incorporate some of the things I'm learning. I so much happier taking photographs and writing, rather than making a spread sheet, or improving my website, but if I want to succeed in business, I must make at least some effort. After the official meeting was over I convinced Brandy and Renee to have a little photo shoot. It was totally their idea to get silly, with Renee even doing a cartwheel! Oh to be young again! Duh Gail, you couldn't do a cartwheel even when you were young!
I can ride a bike however, with the odometer rolling over the 700 mark this morning. You might think I do it to keep my weight down, but the truth is, I was having some hip issues and decided to give riding a try to loosen them up, or something like that. Just so they quit hurting, and they have. Woo hoo!

My garden is looking pretty ragged at the moment, however, one bright spot is this blooming dahlia whose color is quite different from previously.
Come to think of it, I planted some new bulbs six weeks or so ago, and perhaps it is one of them? Either way, I'm pretty sure this is not the time of year for blooms, but I'll take the color pop any time they want to show their pretty heads.

Thinking about the future, when perhaps I'll have a space to keep all my stuff, Bruce bought three bar stools at a garage sale which are quite nice. I put this one in the house because I like it, plus, it is just the right height for Angela to take a seat while we are chatting in the kitchen.
The sale was advertised as "upscale" as were the prices! Negoitiating with the folks they agreed to take our old microwave as part of the deal. Sorry Goodwill. 

A few weeks ago I bought a new orchid from Jim and Kathy at the market. As he's taught me, I bought one with lots of unopened buds which are now starting to open. You and I both know that it is impossible for me to have such a thing around the house without photographing it, so here's one version, however, as you can imagine, before the blooms are spent, there will be more.
All righty then, let's call it a post, shall we?

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