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Friday Fun!

Let's have some fun at others expense today, shall we?

I spent about two hours on the telephone the other afternoon catching up with my old friend Karen. The good news she had to share was, without the aid of an attorney, she is now on disability. According to her, there were about 500 pages of documentation necessary. Well, after all, she's had some serious health issues, including but not limited to a gigantic brain aneurysm, open heart surgery, and seizures, which despite three medications, refuse to go away. So, there is  that good news.

Because we've been friends for so long, I can still remember when her brother Vinnie was in a tae kwon do movie back in the 80's. During our conversation, she told me that this weekend the Enzian was showing the movie at midnight. Furthermore, she related how it has become a cult classic. Imagine my surprise when I opened today's paper and saw it on the front page! You, my friends, get an added bonus with this link. DO NOT MISS THIS! In the trailer, you will see Vinnie say: "I want you to know, you're the only family I've ever had." This, my friends is a lie. He, in fact, has five siblings. What's really something is that the film was purchased from Ebay by the Alamo Cinema folks in Austin, where the first showing was held in 2010. The very same place that Jonathan and Alissa frequently visit, sometimes on our dime, as a gift certificate to there was one of their Christmas gifts last year. The world is indeed a small place isn't it?

I've been scouting out some particularly silly Christmas displays so you don't have to. Ready? Here we go!

I'm wondering if the folks who built this had it done by the contractor who has been remodeling their home for what seems like ages? A life-sized fake Florida Santa? Where, pray tell, does one get something like this??
I am absolutely dying to know just what is under that blue tarp! The sign for a free photo with Santa intrigued me, so much so, that last night, when Mr. Bruce surprised me by coming home early, I convinced him to drive over there to see it for himself. This, by the way, is in Southern Oaks, a pretty genteel neighborhood, so that's got me wondering what the neighbors are saying. Anyway, the photographer was nowhere to be found when we saw it at night. Bruce is convinced someone has stolen Santa's guitar.
When I saw this display, I kept thinking to myself, first of all, who uses blue for Christmas decorations? and secondly, what place does an octopus have in the Christmas story?
Apparently, they are not the only folks who bought into the whole "blue octopus with Santa hat" idea because I saw one again this morning!
Number two octopus at least has some company in the way of inanimate objects including what I'm thinking is perhaps the Abominable Snowman? And then there is the recumbent penguin...

Speaking of snowmen, this one gives new meaning to the term block head:
For good measure a round headed version rests atop a gardening pot.

One of my favorite Christmas songs begins with the lines, "gathered around the Christmas tree", which is just what I thought about when I saw this:
If one tree is good, three are better. And then there is the curious display of baby Jesus actually resting in the tree...

These folks surely know about Santa, but are they mixing up their holidays, or maybe misinterpreting the Christmas story?
Then again, maybe that's not a stork after all, but a pelican?

Curious George, never one to want to be left out of things, makes an appearance as well:
Quite a large appearance don't you agree?

Do you suppose these folks are concerned about their privacy? On the other hand, they may have purchased this at a garage sale:
Who knew Santa played golf with a Polar bear as his caddy?

Rounding out today's displays is a glam version of Santa. Not only is he all sparkly, the presents in the yard are as well. Very 2012.
Well, that's what we've seen so far, but with 11 days left before Christmas, along with many unridden streets remaining, I suspect there will be more to have a little Friday fun with.
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