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Manners Anyone?

Once upon a time I loved reading "Miss Manners" in our local newspaper on Sundays. How delighted I was to discover recently that our pitiful paper is carrying her columns on Thursday. I especially liked the one I read while eating lunch today wherein the letter writer complained about the Wedding Industrial Complex, her words, not mine! The title to the column is "Not Invited to the Wedding? Don't Bother Choosing the Cake." Seriously, if I hadn't read it with my own eyes I would not believe this sort of thing goes on.

You may think I'm weird, but I am actually just fine with Jonathan and Alissa getting married at the courthouse. Although Dave and Michelle's wedding was beautiful and loads of fun to boot, the money spent on one day of festivities is, in my mind, excessive. Loads of props to Michelle who made lots of stuff and even bought her dress on Ebay, otherwise it would have been another $10,000!  I say wait and spend all kinds of money on a big…

Swallowtail Sleepover

This story about mining in India, in some ways, reminds me of the novel I just finished reading, Serena.  Now you already know how much I love Ron Rash, but I'm warning you, if you read anything by him, get ready for some action. Reading one of his novels, or even his short stories for that matter, is like watching a train wreck--you know it's going to be bad, just how bad, time will tell. Jennifer Lawrence, of recent Oscar fame is playing Serena in the movie and I can't imagine how she will do it. If ever there were a fictional female character who is mean, well, that word hardly does her justice, Serena is it.

The story concerns a logging empire in the mountains of western North Carolina during the depression. Men work, despite nearly daily disasters, because they had no other options. It is hard for me to believe nearly these same conditions exist in our world today, however, according to the linked article above, much the same goes on in the mines, except there are chi…

Weather Adventures

Since the beginning of 2013 the weather has been just about perfect. No humidity, mostly comfortable temperatures, with the only negative being very little rain. Our plants need rain, but do they really need it on a Sunday? I think not! Especially between the hours of 7AM-5PM. Despite my wishes, rain finally came on Sunday around noon and when it came, it really came down. As in an inch in less than an hour! Look who was prepared for the rain:
Actually this was just after the deluge, however,  in case it started again this little Chihuahua was ready. Naturally everyone was wanting to take a picture of the little one:
Do you suppose that dog in the upper right is wondering what sort of dog wears a yellow rain slicker? What is it with Chihuahuas wearing clothes? First a Christmas dress, and now this????

As you can tell from the messiness on the ground, the overhead oak trees shed much of their spring blooms. Not a pretty sight for sure. The drainage is less than stellar allowing my neig…

Judy Peck

I've been spending some time in the company of teachers lately, most recently last evening. I suspect both Bonnie and Bev were fantastic teachers, even if they did teach science, a subject I hate ! Both of them are filled with curiosity, which I'm thinking must be one of the main characteristics of a great teacher. Their enthusiasm is infectious, if you will.

Another teacher I've know for far longer is my sister-in-law Judy Peck. During my second year of x-ray school I lived with her and my brother-in-law Cris. Can you imagine that kindness? A brand new college graduate,  her first job teaching was at, what was even back then a very iffy junior high--Robinswood. As I recall, the whole teaching thing scared her, especially because she spent her life in all Catholic schools with, as everyone knows, very strict discipline. She adjusted and thrived, never losing her curiosity, or regretting her decision to spend her life improving students lives. Although I've battled the …

A Reaction

Most of the time, when I tell people I went to Valencia College in my early 50's, they assume it was to study Photography. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Photography class--1  Math classes--4
And no, I did not go to study math, a subject I hate; they made me do it! That one photography class, taught by Professor Burt Stout, was not at all what I was thinking when I signed up for it. Called, "Art with a Camera", I assumed it would be about the art of photography more than the technical details of operating a camera, alas, it was the technical stuff which goes right over my head. One thing I do remember clearly though was when he told us that a successful photograph is one that prompts a reaction. So, I suppose that I should not be offended by the comment made on this blog by an unknown person to me, Pepper Culpepper. Here's what she said: "That's some god awful photography."  At least it's a reaction, albeit a mean spirited one!

So, where we…

My Funny Valentine

Before I go one minute further, I must tell you that I had something so exciting happen last week. You know that new Nikon D5100 I bought in June of last year? You don't? No matter, I did buy a new body to replace my broken D60, and all this time I had the settings WRONG! I discovered this by accident when I went to Colonial Photo and Hobby to ask about some focusing problems. The Nikon guru couldn't find anything wrong with that part of the camera, but boy howdy, did he find a bunch of stuff wrong in the settings--otherwise known as the brain of the camera. Once he cleared it all up, I could not WAIT to take some photographs with the new settings. Leaving FAVO the other afternoon I came across what, both Josie and Matt informed me from my previous post, a magnolia tree in full bloom. And in good light!
Because I was able to get close to them, I discovered first-hand how fantastic these blooms smell. Amazing! I can't tell you how thrilled I am because I've never been s…

Go Ahead and Be Nosy

I love that kind of invitation! Can you imagine someone offered that to me? It's like giving candy to a baby!

At the market you never know who you are going to meet--one day it's Richard Gere, and the next it is the owners of Sportstown. Oh wait, I didn't meet Richard Gere, however, I was in the proximity! So, what is Sportstown? I'm fixing to tell you all about it, maybe even more than you want to know....
I should have know it was an interesting place, what with the Scrabble letters on the front. Vicki, one of the owners, after hearing my interest in beer bottle caps, invited me to visit at 10AM on Tuesday. Not one to turn down an offer for a potential photo op, I agreed to meet her there. Was she ever wonderful! It was she, who, once I entered, invited me to be nosy. "It's a big place and there is a lot to see," she said, and boy was she ever right about that!

Not only did I look around, but I asked a few questions. Imagine that! She and her husband ha…