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Chasing a Sunset

Monday, late afternoon, as I was writing my last post, my mobile rang in the kitchen. The display told me it was Regina.

"Hello Regina."
"Have you got your camera handy?"
"Why, of course I do!"
"Get down here quick, I have a dove nesting in the palm out front."
"I'm on it."

Grabbing the camera closest to me, I scooted down there just as quick as I could! Meeting me at her front door, with Argyle on his leash, she pointed out the dove sitting quietly watching us as we marveled at the wonder of nature. Tucked into one of the small areas left from a palm trimming, her eyes were bright. I mention I grabbed the nearest camera because, like a dummy, I had the macro lens on my Nikon--not the best for getting a bird close up! The zoom, on the other hand, is much better enabling me to get close without actually doing so. Because the light was just right, the picture I did get wasn't half bad.
See what I mean? It always amazes me where birds build their nests! Frances, Regina's neighbor from across the street came over with her daughter Megan, partly to see what we were seeing, and partly to hawk a school fundraiser. Argyle did not mind the attention!
All the while that we were chatting I kept looking towards the lake, which, from her yard, is only about four houses away. Perhaps the sunset might be nice? 

Following our conversation, I walked quickly towards home to get both Baxter and another lens to catch the sunset. We all know what a slow poke Baxter is when going for a walk, so instead of moseying along, I carried him most of the way. When chasing a sunset, time is of the essence! 

Have you noticed the lengthening of the evening? Unlatching the gate, I removed Baxter's leash allowing him to roam while I made my way down to the lake. At 6:15, this is what "we" saw.
Every two minutes I took about the same photo to show you how quickly things change. I suppose you already knew that, but sometimes, if you aren't in the business of paying attention to such things, a friendly reminder never hurts. Forgive me if I'm insulting your intelligence!
It was as if God took a giant paint brush to the sky, beginning with this fiery color! Another layer of paint applied to part of the clouds:
At 6:23, the last bit of red is gone as the sun sinks below the horizon, or at least Orange Avenue anyway, which is what is on the other side of the lake!
For those unfamiliar with Orlando proper, Orange Avenue is our main drag. By now darkness was coming on so it was time to walk back home, this time with Baxter close to the ground, who, by the way, seems to be just fine now, healed from his little injury. I've heard it said more than once that after the sun sets, the sky becomes even more interesting, however, when one is accompanied by a little dog, one standing only about ten inches from the ground, one does not hang around where one cannot see what lies below! 

Halfway up the street I turned around to see that indeed, the sky still remained a wonder!
A lot of photographers take on projects, shooting the same thing time and again, oftentimes on a schedule. If I were more ambitious I would do just that, say photograph the sunset on a particular day each month to show the ever-changing skies. Now, there's a thought....

After yesterday's marathon work session, the pool is clean, chemically balanced, and a host of other chores completed. I'm thinking today might be my weekend? 

Glancing out my window just now, I see we are having a little "fire in the sky" this morning,
which may or may not mean rain today which we sorely need! One thing is that it is not nearly as chilly this morning, which pleases me to no end. I'll be out on my bike soon, however, today I'm not doing nine miles like I did yesterday! I think I'll go check on Momma Dove as well as maybe check for an eagle sighting, which have been extremely rare of late.

Moments in time.....making the most of them is the challenge, isn't it?

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