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One of the things I always loved about taking x-rays was my exposure to people of all ages. Unlike a nurse who often spends days with the same type of patient, pediatrics, geriatrics, surgical, that type of patient, during my days of taking general x-rays, my patients were from newborn to in their 90's.  Of course, once I began only doing mammograms, that changed somewhat, but stil,l the ladies, and occasionally men, were extremely varied.

You might think that my job was boring, and if not for the age differences, it might have been. Every morning, arriving at the hospital by 7AM, I started by checking the day's schedule. Oftentimes I could guess my patients age by their names; Margaret, for instance, usually meant the woman was in her 70's. Debbie, on the other hand, was a dead give away for someone my age. Hearing life stories from woman in their 80's, and even 90's, gives one perspective on life's struggles.

I couldn't help but think of that time in my life after chatting with Corrine after they finally returned to their home after four days. Unlike a younger person who might be complaining about the cost of the storm damage, she only wanted to be back home. Here's what the back of their house looks like with the new power box, which, by the way, cost $1,100!
I had no idea that the power company did not pay for that! Plus, the part of Wanda's tree that fell into their yard was their responsibility as well--another $750. At their age, 87 and 84 respectively, Corrine and Herb have experienced it all, and just as you do, they have keep going. In our younger years, someone mentioned to us that if you can fix a problem with money that's a good thing; at the time I did not realize how true that statement is. Losing a spouse, a daughter, your hearing, those problems are not so easily fixed nor forgotten.

In the last few days I've had some super wonderful experiences, from seeing a bunny during our bike ride in Baldwin Park,
to meeting a super cool 80 year old woman named Dee.
Although she insisted she didn't look good enough for a photo without her makeup, I disagree--she looks great! On my way to Roger's house, Friday afternoon, a bench on what I later learned was Dee's front porch caught my eye.
Knocking on that pretty red door to ask permission, I was slightly startled to see the Christmas tree, covered in what I estimate to be 1,000 ornaments, just inside the front door. After explaining that she is a collector of loads of things, she invited me inside to take a look. The robe? Baking Easter cookies and cupcakes all day. Guess what? She has a daughter named Gail, who I immediately knew had to be close to my age--see above.

Seeing only the bottom floor, I was impressed with how nicely she displays all her various collections. Here's another look at that tree:
Simply astonishing! Remarkably, because her husband has undergone three brain surgeries, she manages everything by herself, including the yard! Our vist was cut a little short because she had to take him to the doctor for a shot, with only 45 minutes to get dressed and get her makeup on. Before I left though, she insisted on showing me all the rooms, including the guest room. Much to my surprise she has a Kermit the Frog obsession as well.
My sister Lisa would appreciate one thing she said to me, "I'm a thrift store, garage sale, and pick up by the side of the road shopper." I feel pretty confidant that her open invitation for a repeat visit was genuine.

Then too, earlier in the day, while on my bike ride I saw both eagles again!
Day after day I've been watching and waiting; finally after maybe four months my wish came true!

Thursday, while riding with Bruce on the Cady Way Trail, we ended up in Baldwin Park, riding along Lake Baldwin,
we continued until we got to Fleet Peoples Dog Park. Although we've read about dog parks, this was our first exposure to one in person. This guy was quite the instigator,
racing around with the other dogs, and even swimming!
Bruce's comment about having "lost touch with reality" rang a little true. Working non-stop for years and years has a way of insulating one to what is happening out in the world. Although I'd never stopped to check the park out, at least I knew it was there!

Returning to our car that morning I asked Bruce if he knew how far we'd ridden--he was most surprised when I told him 12 miles. Good for him; I've had time to work up to that, he's just a newbie, however, he enjoys riding as much as I do so I see lots of it in our future.
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