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Let Me Let You Go!

While watching a David Sedaris video last evening, between laughter, something he said rang oh so true. He said he talks to all the people who come to his book signings, going so far as to poll them on strange subjects. Explaining that he spends a lot of time alone while writing, so it's good to get out in the public and hear ideas that are not his own. Allegedly, he talks so much that the attendees finally say, "let me let you go." This could be me talking! Just a week or so ago I got into a lively discussion about health care marketing with an unsuspecting man who came to my table. He talked about keeping things true to the "brand" and the like. You can imagine my reaction to that kind of baloney.  Branding, billboards everywhere you look, marketing--is it any wonder the cost of health care has increased? Finally I shut up, uttering the same words as those folks use with David. No doubt, he was relieved to leave me! You would think I had strong opinions or something and I do, especially about medicine. Is it any wonder I write a lot of letters to the editor of our local paper, including one published on Monday?

Counteracting the above rant, I give you something pretty:
Isn't that the most lovely shade of gerbera daisy? My word!

It felt good to be back on my bike yesterday morning, having missed my ride for days and days.
It won't be long before the jasmine blooms are gone for the year, thus I'm enjoying them while I can. I hadn't noticed it in person, but this garage door looks kind of like a little face in the photograph, doesn't it? The iffy weekend weather has vanished for the time being, replaced by another few beautiful days. Waking early to the sound of the birds,  I got right up to write before we spend the cool morning working in the yard. Bruce went into the office yesterday, and after all we have to do today, he may wish he was still there!

Other things seemed to have gotten space in this blog causing me to leave out something of great importance until now. As you well know, when I like something, I like it a bunch, including my new navy blue Keds. Except, after wearing them for about six weeks, the color faded to a purplish hue. What's a girl to do? This girl called Keds, learning if I sent them back, I would receive a new pair in a timely manner. I don't know how they felt about it, but nearly two weeks doesn't seem all that timely to me. Finally, around dinnertime last night, the new shoes arrived via UPS. Oh happy days! Is it just me, or do you too only notice the spot on the top of one?
Bruce seems to think it is glue; try as I might I could not remove it. Ahem....

We'd just finished a tomato tart I hadn't made in ages. Because I still have gobs of basil, not to mention a crust I'd saved in the fridge, I bought tomatoes yesterday while at Clemons.
The crust turned out pretty in a tart pan, don't you think? One thing is that I can never make this tart without thinking of the months caring for our dying Mother. She was crazy for this tart. Maybe it was a subconscious thing, what with the Sunday's day of honoring one's Mother?

This is always a hard time of year for me. No, not because of my Mom, I still miss her, however, I know death and separation is inevitable, so after nine years, I'm okay with it. No, it is something much more mundane:
Times like this is when I miss my big freezer! The fellow behind the counter told me he had a customer  on Saturday buy fifty, yes 50, jugs to store!

So, guess what? I went to the wrong side of the tracks, make that I-4, to take my calendar photos. I kept wondering why I did not come across Cornell, and now I know! Goodness they make these contests hard on a photographer with only three streets to choose from! Believe me when I tell you there are very few houses worthy of photographing, and there are twelve months to fill! This house has a guard kitty on the porch:
This looks very peaceful doesn't it? I-4 is literally two houses away, well make that one house, and one empty lot. For those of you not familiar with I-4, it is the main interstate highway running through Orlando. During rush hour this neighborhood must be anything but peaceful. Then too, while talking with one of the residents I learned that Florida Hospital owns several houses, and wants more of them to build a hotel. Stick with healthcare! See above....

Finally, on my drive home, I got a good look at this super cool power box, one of many painted by local artists to add some excitement to the landscape.
Bruce is up, the sun is shining, and the yard work awaits. Let me let you go.

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