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Look What I Found Yesterday!

Sue and I took another marathon bike ride yesterday morning. She's a bad influence, or maybe a good one, depending on how you look at things. I was crouched under the new oak tree with four bags of caladium bulbs given to me by Eric last week when I was too busy to plant them. Must of been a little after 8 in the morning, just an hour after sunrise; really, the perfect temperature for gardening. Looking up I saw Sue come into the driveway on her bike wanting to know if I was heading out. Well, first come inside and see the globe lit up. Greeting Bruce, who was working at his desk, she thanked him for recently finding her a punch bowl at a garage sale. The original plan was for both Bruce and I to do the yard work, as I mentioned there was more than enough for two, however, he was on a mission to connect an additional monitor to his computer, so we decided to take it to the streets. I think it must have been at least a good hour or more before we returned, by which time he was nearly done with his task.

As we rode through the shady streets of stately homes in Harbour Island, the streets beyond called to me, so we rode a bit on Orange Avenue, checking out all the pretty streets running perpendicular to the busy road. My goodness it was both pretty and interesting. Seriously, do you know anyone who has one of these in their back yard?
That said, it must be a lovely spot to sit and watch the wildlife and sunsets on Lake Conway. :)

We saw big house, we saw small houses, all of them interesting in their own way. Realizing it must be getting late we retraced our route, heading home on Ferncreek when we ran into one of Sue's friends who was out walking. I'm pretty sure her name was Christine. We had every intention of heading straight home, however, Sue just had to show me Christine's office in her back yard.
Yup, she writes in there! A girl after my own heart with her solar flower:
Parting ways at the corner of Fern Creek and Pershing, she went east, and I went west. Back to my bulbs. It pained me to do so, but I pulled out all my straggly white petunias. The caladiums are coming up like mad, and the petunias were interfering with the display. May 15, 2012, the display was considerably better than this year to date.
As well, Eric told me it was finally okay to cut my narcissus stems back; they too were getting in the way. While doing so, I began cleaning up the lady palms in the jungle when what should I find?
Woo hoo! This time the nest is much closer to the ground, and there are actually three eggs! I'd just about given up hope because last year the babies looked like this on May 15:
Curious how they are getting such a late start, I'll take what I can get. I knew something was up because as I was weeding close to the nest, the cardinal basically started yelling at me! 

While Bruce trimmed, I weeded. While he edged, I mowed. Calling later in the day, Angela remarked how our yard looked like it was professionally done. I replied, we are professionals, both of us having worked in the yard since we were very, very young! It's a good way to keep active, and I hope I can keep it up for a long time to come.

Out back, that supertenia is showing off what it means to be super!
My goodness it's getting huge, starting off life at our home in about a pint sized container! Then too, I'm pretty sure I used a Miracle Grow potting soil, so there's that to consider. I got in the pool up to my waist in the afternoon (!) and scrubbed the pretty tile.

Bruce left for the airport about an hour ago, heading to meet his contractor in Houston, the location of his new projects. It's a double site, one for a Seasons 52, and one for a Capital Grille. They really know how to put him back to work! As he left, I serenaded him with, "on the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again." He was only mildly amused.

He'll be right back tomorrow so this afternoon seems like a good time to go look for his birthday gift. I'm hoping something will grab me because heading out, I have not one good idea. To think that my boyfriend will be turning 60 on Saturday! To think that I will in December! Who could have imagined when we started dating at 13 that we would ever get so old? Certainly neither of us.

Wasn't it so nice of my sister Lisa to send me a card yesterday congratulating me on my good fortune of late? There's just something about physical mail that is so appealing. Another good find for the day. :)
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