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Saturday Night Glamour, Back to the Real World on Sunday

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn, all served up on the good china for my birthday boy!
The table was set, the food was ready, however, the guest of honor was not to be found. Actually, he was around, just sitting on the tarmac at the airport. Our strawberry shortcake dessert had to wait because by the time we finished dinner, we were both too full and tired to eat it. Nonetheless, our early birthday celebration was a success. Asking him what he thought I'd made when I told him over the phone that I was serving all his favorites, he replied that he knew it was either meatloaf or roast chicken. This is what happens when you've been married for nearly forty years!

Because I had some folks who ordered two large prints the week before Mayfaire, I had to go to Winter Garden on Saturday. Man, I wish I hadn't because aside from the those two items, I sold two cards for $6.00. And you thought I always had good days! Fortunately for me it's not often I do this poorly, but it happens. Thank goodness, Alan, our market masseuses boyfriend, kept me company all day, or I would have gone mad! That and the excitement I felt about the evening ahead.

Glamour was the order of the evening. According to the boys, the Citrus Club has undergone a major remodel in the last few years. Heading up in a special elevator to the 18th floor, I knew I was in love when I saw this kind of decor:
Shades of orange everywhere! We did not spend any time in one of these little spots, however, we did get there early to watch the running of The Preakness on their 120" screen television in another part of the bar/casual dining area.
There was a little nod to other citrus, but I'm happy to say that orange ruled! Earlier in the week David told me that coats were required in the main dining area which was good news to me. I really miss the days of dressing up to go out to dinner. The view from one of the large windows:
I bet this is super great when night falls. Mrs. Camera Crazy missed the little black dress memo!
The food was terrific as was the company. It was such a lovely way to spend Bruce's birthday and the only thing that would have made it better would have been having Matt, Tom, Jonathan and Alissa with us. You've got to love a place that has butter balls.
And no, I did not pick one up and eat it whole! David insisted Bruce spare no expense which felt a little weird coming from your son, however, Bruce did as told, ordering a nice bottle of Sequoia Grove cabernet for the two of us to share. This dinner was really a combo gift, Bruce's birthday, and Mother's Day for me. Michelle bought me a straw clutch with my initial monogramed in orange on the front! While reading the cards I burst into tears at the sheer beauty of the night and the love from our family. Do you every cry happy tears? This is not my first time doing so, and I imagine it won't be my last! By 9:30 it was all over, and we headed to our respective homes. I imagine they did not go to bed, but this Peck couple did just that.

While packing the car Sunday morning at 7:00, there was a little mistiness in the air. Bruce asked if I was sure I wanted to go? You know me, always thinking positive, said, "of course I do, it won't rain!"
So much for wishful thinking! Thankfully, Bruce arrived moments after I called him a little after 3, telling him the market was closing for a storm. Fortunately he'd been able to park his car fairly nearby, so he immediately began taking the print baskets to his car, along with anything else he could carry before the deluge, and deluge it was! How can this be that we experienced another massive storm and summer has not begun?
Not so glamourous now! Bruce is soaked to his skin! The rain came down hard and fast, and just kept coming, forcing us to hole up in the tent for more than an hour! At least it was just the two of us rather than a group of strangers this time. Huge cracks of thunder and lightening! Flooding again!
Because of the lightening, Bruce had us stand on the highest ground in our space.
Finally the drains kicked in and we were no longer standing in water. I do not like having soaked shoes  for one minute; I ended up going barefoot, even running to get the car that way. I pretty much looked like a drowned rat by the time the rain finally let up and we packed the rest of our things.

By 7:45 Bruce was asleep, with me not far behind. Giving in, we went to bed and slept the evening and night away. When I get asked if I will make a deal on a print, I am not the least bit happy. I already keep my prices low, and when we got through an experience like this, I get all the more worked up at those folks. Walking by a booth, unless you know someone who does this for a living, it looks pretty glamorous, but you and I know differently. It is hard work!  Our garage is still strewn with hanging sides and a half-opened tent for drying.

Adding the no sales at WG, to the rain ending Sunday, it was not my best weekend at the markets. Wasn't it lovely to have some glamour in between?
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