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Where To Begin?

It's rare that I go so long without blogging, however, I'm back now, and there is so darn much to talk about, if your time is short, this may not be the post for you. On the other hand, if you're curious about what I've been up to read on....

Those four art events happened thanks to my amazing husband, without whom, it never would have worked. Not only can he hang art work, but he can get rid of frogs too. Normally, we are about live and let live, however, since posting the frog photo a week or so ago, I've learned that those are frogs Florida can do without. According to the link, when one is found, said frog should be exterminated. The other day I was opening the patio umbrella and here's what I found, hiding up top!!
Thank goodness Bruce was home, rather than in California! He came to the rescue, and did what he had to do.
For the record, he buried it after stabbing it with a skewer. It goes without saying, I would not be able to accomplish such a thing!

Remember all that rain from last week? Well, Friday the heavens finally quit raining on us, or rather, for the most part. You may wonder why I constantly obsess over the weather, and if so, I'll tell you why. Inclement weather, be it rain, or excessive heat, is hard on an art vendor. Sales are directly tied to the weather and the turnout at FAVO was evidence of that sad fact. People stayed away which was a shame because some new artists were exhibiting, and others were anxious to show off their renovated spaces. Didn't happen, sadly. Earlier, Bruce helped me get things ready.
I was a little anxious after ordering the magnolia canvas, thinking perhaps it was too bright for most folks, however, once I picked it up, I was a happy camper. More of the wall below:
Typically I wouldn't show two of nearly the same thing, but I'm making an exception in this case because--tada!----both the magnolia, and the heart canvas sold on Sunday! Oops! I'm getting ahead of myself.

Saturday morning was dreary as all get out with misty rain off and on. Somehow, my sales were good, so there was that. Friday evening, before heading to FAVO, Bruce picked up my order, a big one, even more so because the girls did it twice! The stack of prints was daunting to say the least. Sorting through them Saturday after doing the Winter Garden Market, I have to admit, I did not want to mess with them, however, when you are a small business owner, you do what has to be done. Seems to me, we went to bed super early so I could tackle them on Sunday morning before the market.

7:30 Sunday morning it would have been hard to imagine how beautiful the day would become. Oh my, it was gorgeous! People came out in droves. Buyers too. Lots of them. Here's how we pulled off two simultaneous events:

  • Bruce set up the market booth 
  • Gail dreamed up the set up for home party
  • Bruce hung artwork
  • Gail signed prints
  • Bruce set up the tables and such at home party
  • Gail sold at market
  • Bruce returned to market just before 1 PM to relieve her
  • Gail went to the home party and sold
As did the five other artists. I can't remember Linda's last name, but she set up in the yard, taking advantage of the spectacular weather.
I am standing in my little alcove while taking this shot:
All of the artists brought an appetizer, lest the hostess have to do too much. Earlier in the week I made these little guys:
Aside from vegetarians and vegans, most everyone loves little pigs in a blanket, or at least that has been my experience.

The party turned out to be fun. Amazingly, one of the last women to arrive, looked at me and said, "I just bought four prints from you this morning at Lake Eola!" How crazy is that? Turns out she's a neighbor of Mimi, the hostess. Another attendee was, get this, a woman I chatted with while waiting in a long line at Freshfield Farms last Thursday! She, of course, was a stranger before our conversation. No one has ever accused me of being shy.

When it was all said and done, over the weekend I sold 75 things which still astonishes me as I type it. That magnolia on orange canvas? Bruce sold it in my absence at the market. I peppered him with questions about what the folks were like. Doing his best to answer them, mostly he remembered that he wasn't able to send them a receipt. Last week, Square, my handy-dandy credit card reader changed things up dramatically, and I forgot to tell him how to do that part.

So that's how last week went, and here's how this week has begun--fantastic! Monday, Bonnie, Bev, and I went to the Epcot International Flower and Garden Show. Bonnie's husband is a big-wig at Disney, and they were kind enough to invite me to accompany them. Meeting at 9:30, we were in the park a little after 10, marveling as we walked to the entrance at the delightful weather.
They got a pretty big kick out of me exclaiming at everything I saw because they've seen most of it before. Me, I hadn't been to Epcot in as long as I can remember--maybe 20 years? Without further ado, a few shots. Bev and Bonnie:
I could write so much about the day, and for that matter, show loads of photographs, except this post would never be over! The gardeners below, keeping things looking perfect:
A little fairy topiary in the butterfly garden:
I'd completely forgotten that Epcot is made up of representations of countries, including Italy, where we ate a most delicious lunch:
A shot of the lake, around which all the countries exist, with floating planters:
I still remember when the monorail system was so amazing to us:
We went in Spaceship Earth, which was really something.
I can hardly remember the last time I was on a ride so naturally I kept marveling at the whole experience. Bonnie and Bev thought they were with a little kid.

Walt Disney wanted Epcot to be about the future, and as such there is another cool ride, Living with the Land which showcases the future of food production as you glide by.
What is a Disney park without a character sighting?
Could those two little girls be any cuter? Alice is pointing the way to this:
Isn't it adorable? I mean really adorable? I wonder how often they have to change all the daisies, or I suppose they have a new one to display, waiting in the wings when the daisies wilt?

Finally, this:
I so enjoyed my time at Epcot, and it has made me wonder why I've been such a stick in the mud about our theme parks. After all, people, the world over come to Orlando to see them--what have I been thinking by staying away for so long?

As is always the case, I have more to say than I have time to write. This weekend is Mayfaire at the Lake in Lakeland, my final show of the spring. That big stack of prints on my worktable is waiting. Hopefully, if I play my cards right, I'll have them done by this evening. I'd planned on sharing yesterday's adventure, however it can wait. See you tomorrow?


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