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Although Austin seems to have about six restaurants and twelve bars on every other street, Friday morning we found it challenging to find a place for breakfast. After driving down street after street I finally spotted a place downtown called Jo's. During our meanderings this view of the Longhorns stadium came into sight. Similar to Alabama, college football is very, very important to Texans, including our Jonathan and Alissa who have season tickets.
As we were coming to expect, the restaurant had both good food, and a good look.
Have I mentioned that tacos are on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner? They are, with only slight changes to the fillings--I'm sold on it! Roaming around downtown, checking out the shops, we came across the sign for Austin City Limits, the longest running music show on television. For most of the 39 years they've been on television, the programs were taped at the University of Texas, however, in 2011 they moved into the new Moody Theater.
Scooting up those stairs to get a closer look, a fellow asked if we wanted our picture taken together in front of the sign. Sure thing! What's weird is that I cannot find those photos taken by Tony, but that's not the point of this story. The point is that he asked us if we would be interested in the tour which started in about five minutes. Sounds like a plan.

Tony, our guide, was so enthusiastic you couldn't help but fall in love with the place. My goodness he was cheerful. Our group of about 15 followed him as he told us all about the lighting, sound system, and the move to the new place which seats 3,000, rather than the original theater's 800 seats. They were doing a sound check for the evening's show featuring, Cheech & Chong, War,  and Tower of Power--a blast from the past. As he took us into the green room, we saw the various dressing rooms off to the sides. For every performer, an artist designs a poster, all of which are incredibly cool.
The photography galleries of past performers were absolutely terrific. I took this shot of Dolly for a certain someone I know.
On the third floor is a room for the really big wigs who come to town, including President Obama who used the space while on a fund raising trip to Austin. Because Willie Nelson was the first performer on the show, and is also one of the investors in the new property, he pretty much dominates this special room.
When I asked Tony if he was a musician, he chuckled saying, "pretty much everyone in Austin is a musician." Although the tour was not on our radar previously we were very pleased that we took it.
Next trip to Austin we need to make sure and see a show there.

Zilker Park is a 350 acre park just a few miles from downtown where all manner of activities take place. Jonathan told us about Barton Springs pool which we looked for diligently. Somehow we missed the sign, so instead we parked and walked over a pedestrian bridge,
crossing what I guess is called Lady Bird Lake. As you can see the day was overcast which was a blessing, however the humidity was much greater than we expected! Before crossing, a gentleman told me there was a place called, Deep Eddy on the other side of the bridge; we went in search of that. It was really something--a spring harnessed into a swimming pool....
another first for me. I wonder if other places do this? I guess it must be said that I've led a pretty sheltered life, mostly working and raising a family, so I haven't seen as many things as some folks. Can you believe I've never even seen a real snow fall?

Once back in the MINI, we did see the sign, took a quick look at the BS pool, and headed back to S. Congress for some lunch. We'd heard the pizza was terrific at Home Slice and we agree with that assessment. Sitting at the bar was our best choice as the place was packed. Am I ever glad we did! I don't know which was better, our slice of pizza or watching these two work.
The girl assigned to making salads was behind the bar throwing up a damp towel for practice, hoping one day to be a crust maker. I watched in awe.

For the life of me I can't remember what happened next, but I do remember having dinner with J & A, after meeting up at their apartment. It's hard to believe it's been two years plus since we moved them there! Pretty much they haven't changed a thing except for the new art Bruce hung for them before we went to eat. Jonathan still needs his Dad. :) Actually Bruce taught him how to do it for himself, so the next time he buys something it won't sit for long before going up on the wall!

Cabo Bob's was our dinner spot, a, you guessed it, taco place. Except here they made the corn tortillas, cooking them in front of you on a spinning griddle. Very cool. Jonathan was aghast his Mother had never heard of Cabo. What can I say? Apparently, according to this, I might very well want to go there!

Finally, with the workweek over, we could spend some time together.  Check back tomorrow to see how we spent a supercalifragilisticexpealidocious Saturday!
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