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Curiosity is an Underrated Passion

Does that title fit me, or what? I wish I'd made it up, however, I'm not nearly that clever; it came from that Beth Gutcheon book I read last week. I did, on the other hand, make up, "a good memory is overrated", and I cling to that like flies on honey!

I suppose it was my curious nature that led me to ride down a street off Michigan which might be described as iffy for several reasons. One, the houses are pretty worn out, and two, the lot on Lake Pineloch I thought would have a big beautiful house on it by now, had anything but.
A number of years ago Bruce and I looked at this lot when it was for sale. Can't remember what happened, well, obviously we didn't buy it, but apparently neither did anyone else. How in the world does a place get so run down? Here's a creative solution to covering windows:
Doors over windows, oh my! Foliage growing on the roof, oh my! Mosquitos, mosquitos, mosquitos, oh my! The morning was gloomy, humid, and just plain gross, so I should have known so much better than to park my bike and roam around this place. The trees are huge,
aren't they? My bike looks so tiny. Then too, there are palm trees, as in two, growing up right through the branches on that live oak tree. My curiosity sated, I took off, only to go down another street on the other side of the Blankner School track. It's hard to explain, but on occasion I've been on the other side of this little lake in the area and heard a peacock. Well, now I've found him:
Finally, what good sense I do possess told me to get home and out of the weather because I am seriously allergic to mosquito bites, and if ever there were a time for them to be out in full force, yesterday morning was it! The inside of my left wrist is still swollen from a bite!

Later in the morning I talked to Cheryl and she thought I was crazy for going out--she may very well have been right. Last Friday night she had an awesome dinner party at her house and we were happy to have been a part of it.

Once home and cooled off, I had a little inspiration for a photo shoot to add to my growing litany of wine cork photos. If you've ever wondered what my work space looks like, this is it:
A stool to stand on, various background fabrics, in this case placemats, my bag of corks, a box from Bruce's Mom, and my glasses! Inside that box I found all manner of goodies, including this photo book with an adorable picture of my husband:
Now you know why they moved to Florida from upstate New York! Obviously I love digital photography, but there won't be much of looking at old photos in the future, which is sad, but I guess young people won't think twice because they have never known otherwise? As well, I found this family photo taken in 1984:
I posted this on facebook, however, there are a few, and you know who you are, readers, who are not on fb who might find the photo interesting. From the left-- Matthew, age: 8, Bruce, age: 30, David, age: 4, Jonathan in my arms, age: almost 1, Gail, age: 30, and Bill, age: 4. Currently, no one can remember the cat's name. When Bruce saw it he barely recognized me, and I couldn't agree more! Who is that girl? I do remember the skirt though because I made it. It had a complicated waistband, buttons on the bottom portion, and then angled parts in the front with the buttonholes. Even though I lived that life, it is hard to imagine I had time to sew. It looks as if I've got my hip stuck out to hold Jonathan doesn't it? Many people who meet me today cannot imagine this was my life for so many years. I tell them I have four sons, but when you see the whole gang together, it takes on more meaning. The stag horn fern hanging in the tree behind our heads is the only part of this picture that still lives with us. I'll have to photograph it to show you what it looks like nearly 30 years later!

If our weather doesn't perk up pretty soon, Tom, when he comes home with Matt in a few weeks, won't believe that our state is called, The Sunshine State! Grey, windy, and rainy days have been the norm lately, which is not at all to my liking.

Baxter, with his new haircut, is enjoying the breeze:
It's surprising that the pad Baxter is standing on is not wet because most things are, including our new umbrella:
I'm not fooling around with this one--the slightest breeze, and down it comes!

After getting out those props, it spurred me on to some cleaning which led to another trip to Goodwill today. I wisely parked this time.

Cleaning out drawers and such is always a trip down memory lane, one that I was glad I traveled on yesterday. I'll tell you more about that in my next post. Are you curious yet?
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