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Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean that You Should

That pretty much sums up this week. I don't mind telling you that these young folks are wearing me out! I need to go back to the leisurely bridge game on Monday afternoon where I was the baby. Although Bonnie and I took a beating--my fault for going down about a gazillion points,  it was at least relaxing.

Not so this week. Nancy, in spite of some recent health problems, has been ready and willing to be active as long as it involves being outdoors. Remember the pool play when Matt and Tom were here? Well, let's just say that Nancy took it to new heights by climbing atop the ladder handles and jumping from there.
And who is relaxing in the foreground you ask? Why, my youngest sister Lisa, by six years to be exact. She runs, does jumping jacks, lifts weights, and more, leaving this poor older sister in her dust. Both Nancy and Lisa were on a club swim team after I left home and both of them can still do the butterfly, a stroke I never mastered.
Lisa joined our pool party on Wednesday afternoon and it didn't take much convincing to get her to do a cannonball!
She even managed a smile while doing so. It must have been Tuesday afternoon when Nancy was perfecting her jumps...somehow I caught her looking as if she is walking on the water during the spin jump.
All that rain we were having? Gone. Except for Monday evening when Bruce took us out to dinner at City Fish downtown. Sitting outdoors streetside,  we managed to finish our meal just as the downpour began. The rest of the week has been super--not too, too hot, or humid for that matter. Wednesday evening another sister joined us for dinner, along with our friend Lynn. Oh yeah--wine too.
I was very proud of both Lisa and Nancy for trying the scrumptious pimento cheese filled celery I put out for a starter. Missy, the vendor adjacent to me at Winter Garden, sells tubs of the stuff and let's just say, once you begin eating it, whether on celery, or crackers, it is hard to stop. As well, I made some rosemary roasted almonds for the first time which proved to be pretty darn tasty. Following dinner, because it was still warm, I turned on the pool light for some night swimming. Lisa and I cooled off once again. Because of our sunny days, the pool temperature is 87 degrees, perfectly refreshing.

I gave Nancy my camera to photograph my jumps, which wasn't entirely fair because she'd never even held a camera like that. She did manage to get one of me while I was goofing around.
More importantly, she cut my hair, starting with the bangs, which I like really short but am too lazy to go get cut, followed by a trim of the ends. Nancy is capable like that, whereas, I am not. I'm keeping my hair longish so during the hot months I can put it up to stay cool at the markets. Or should I say, cooler than if it was on my neck.....

While the pool tricks were going on, Lisa told us that her daughter cautioned her about doing too much at her age. Her age? She's the baby of our family! Anyway, the wise saying that is the title of today's post, comes from our niece Amanda. Smart girl that Amanda.

If only I'd heard it earlier in the week I might not have taken Nancy up to the Seminole Wekiwa Trail to see the "Paint the Trail" installation. I'll start by saying we did NOT do the whole trail. Before Bruce left for Houston he put the bike rack on my car. By golly, it wasn't too hard to put the bikes on with Nancy's help.

*****We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to:

  • Have Angela come over to tell me she's found another house she wants to move to nearby. Long visit, as in two hours.
  • Answer Matt's Facetime about our upcoming visit to the UK. Our London travel agent (Matt) has planned an itinerary of wonderful things to see and do.
  • Return Regina's phone call. Having a melanoma wasn't bad enough--both the lymph node site, and the harvest skin area, became infected and she's had a rough couple of weeks. No wonder I haven't seen her lately.
  • Prepare a childhood favorite dinner for Nancy, Lynn, Bruce, Maureen and me. In a nod to fall's imminent arrival, we had: pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, sauerkraut, and Waldorf salad. 
  • Fall into bed as early as possible, leaving the dishes stacked for the night.
  • Head to the Winter Garden Farmers Market to sell photography. Finally, I quit being stubborn and brought my big fan so the only time I was entirely miserable was walking to get my car, taking it all down, and loading it into my car.
And now, my friends, I am home from said market and too pooped to continue. That said, I will be back because the trail photos are ones you'll surely want to see. Happy Saturday night, and Sunday. You know where I'll be tomorrow.......


p.s. I'm just now thinking how my title refers to this blasted summer market thing....
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