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The Dog Days Have Come

"Amy Falls Down" by Jincy Willet proved to be a lot of fun to read. Unlike the last novel, this one won me over right away, and kept me reading long past my bedtime. Perhaps it was the cover with the adorable birdbath drawing, or maybe it was because I identified with the protagonist, whatever the reason, I think I've found a new author. Have you heard of her before? I had not, and now that I have, I'll make it my business to read her other novel and book of short stories.

Amy is a writer, of what might be termed, "former acclaim." Reading her story, I got to thinking that if I'd been asked as a young girl what I wanted to be when I grew up, it sure as heck wouldn't have been an x-ray tech! Truth be told, I suspect I might have said a writer, although with a brain lacking imagination, I don't know how I would have pulled it off! That must be what's kept me writing this blog for so long. Who else would write 1204 posts for nothing but the satisfaction?

So, that being said, if you come across "Amy Falls Down," you might just find it amusing.

We are definitely in the dog days of summer around here; if we're lucky there will be only about six brutal weeks left. If we're not lucky, we'll have a hurricane! Actually, hurricanes, despite what you may read or hear, are pretty uncommon. Did I tell you about the brother of a new vendor at Winter Garden? A former television weatherman, he told me he regularly got into trouble with the station management for not hyping every little weather disturbance. Figures.

Have you been missing the birds? They have been in hiding I suppose because in the last few weeks they have not been nearly as plentiful. Yesterday afternoon, however, there were four red-winged blackbirds on the feeder in the back yard. Molting season has them looking pretty pitiful!
Mama cardinal doesn't look much better!
We've not had even ONE drop of rain since our rain-out at the market, with temperatures in the low 90's  this week. Isn't that always the way?

I've been in the pool just a little bit ,and while there I saw the craziest bug!
Look at those back flipper! Not only does it swim, but when I got too close, it up and flew away.

After such a good sales days over the weekend I spent a good little while on Monday working on my order, a process I don't much care for. While doing so, I went through 1,500 pictures Roger had put together in a web album for me to help me with the ordering process. There is so much junk in there I barely see the good stuff! Marking each and every one of them, whether to go or stay, I'm hoping in the near future it may become easier. Selling at the same places, week in, and week out, poses different challenges--people are always looking for the latest and greatest and I try to keep up with their wishes, although at times I feel as if I'm doing nothing worth printing. This would be one of those times.

A trip to Whole Foods was in order to buy dog food and while there I came across this amazing bunch of gladiolas for $3.99. Don't you just love the whole 99 cents ploy? Do they think customers can be so easily fooled? I took this Tuesday afternoon, and you should see it now!
Our lovely anniversary flowers from Matt and Tom in all white inspired my purchase because they were spent. Not forever though. While Sue was over the other morning she hung the roses to dry; hanging them upside down from a clothes hanger with clothes pins, apparently the trick is to keep them separated. Pretty soon I'll have a lovely keepsake.

We went to another funeral Tuesday night. One of our neighbors died this past Friday. 80 years old, Frank suffered the last few years, so it's really a blessing for everyone. Have you heard of Moose Lodges before? I've driven by them, but as far as I know, I'd never met someone who was a "Moose." That is a thing of the past. Four of Frank's lodge brethren directed much of the service, with another neighbor officiating. What most saddened me about this particular funeral, aside from the brow beating altar call given by Kent, was that if not for the neighbors, there would have been very few people. Plus, I forgot, the casket was open throughout! Nothing like an open casket to add to the misery of a funeral. A note to my children: keep me covered!

Finally, as I continue riding the same streets, especially in the heat, my picture taking has slowed down somewhat. Thank goodness! However, most days something speaks to me, as in story form. I rode by the yellowest, if that is a word, house the other morning, and then noticed the garage door with three samples of yellow.
I understand yellow is a difficult paint color to get right. Once upon a time, I had a sunflower theme going in my kitchen and the paint to go with it. I still remember being in the midst of the painting when one of the twins and their friend came in. They did not have nice things to say about my choice. At any rate, are there new owners here? Has the shade of yellow just become too much? If so, why pick it again? As you know, I'm pretty easily amused...

Here's looking at you kid:
Is there such a thing as "cat days?"
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