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Your Artwork Really Doesn't Suck

How's that for an opening line in a conversation?

I'll set the scene for you:

My friend Kris, a co-worker from my better paying gig days (taking x-rays), surprised me by showing up at FAVO, early in the evening. Did I tell you it was hot as the dickens? Well, it was. Anyway, accompanying Kris was a friend of hers, visiting from Asheville, who just so happened to have led what is now known as the City Arts Factory downtown for three years while living in Orlando.

We're chatting, sweating, and in general having a fine conversation when a man walks in and begins to stare intently at the walls. Eventually he asks if I am Gail? "I am." It was then that without further ado he proclaims that my artwork really doesn't suck. "Well now, I'm not so sure how to take that," I reply. Who would???? Beginning to further explain that he has multiple art businesses, and I just might fit into his plans, he glanced out the big plate glass window and saw some folks at his outdoor space who he decided needed further attention. Although he said he'd be back, all three of us in the room were very glad he never did so.

Steve, Kris's friend, looked at me, saying he may have all sorts of connections, but if he isn't nice, who cares? Agreed!
Although you cannot really see it, his artwork is pictured on the yellow wall. Seriously, who says something like that? I've heard a lot in my six years of selling photography, however, no one, prior to this, has ever said anything even close to those words. Really?

As you can see in the above photo, the ground is dry. As well you can see the sun is setting. What you can't know is that it was very hot. Two fans were blasting away in my space, but those brave souls willing to come in didn't stay long! That said, although my sales did not reflect it, we had probably the largest crowd to date. I love the nighttime view.

My sister Lisa was finally able to fit FAVO into her schedule, staying for most of the evening. Of all things, Richard and Alan, a couple who met me at the market and have been very supportive, were another surprise guests. In a case of "what a small world," Richard worked with Lisa's all time best friend Greta at an insurance company. Turns out they have many friends in common. :)

Just before closing I had another crazy soul in my space, mostly he wanted to use the bathroom. Bruce was kind enough to engage this fellow in conversation because I was worn out by the heat!
The thing was that the night breeze was very lovely; the inside space, not so much. Will, on the right, is our director, and Michael enjoying the night air on the second floor:
Michael made the awesome video of FAVO.

Saturday, hot as blue blazes at the market.
Do I look like I am dying of the heat? My friends, the Goldsmiths, came to visit. Emily, took my picture, including both her sister Meghan, and Mom, Ellen, in the shot. Most weeks they come and hang out for an hour or so, keeping me up to date with their activities. Angela calls her home a "Gaillery", while the Goldsmiths claim theirs is "Gaillery West." I feel so blessed to have folks who are so willing to support me. 

Sunday, an abbreviated version of the market, called at 1:30 for a weather threat. Calling Bruce to ask him for help, he said it was raining so hard at our home he could barely leave. You know what? It never did rain downtown. It's been so long since we actually took down in the sunshine I'd nearly forgotten what it was like. Much better than mega-humidity, that's what it is like!
I took this one around 11 in the morning, and in spite of the massive storm clouds we only got the tiniest sprinkle. In fact, I'd forgotten that at WG, we got one as well. This lady stood out in it to cool off!
When Bruce came to FAVO I told him about the rude visitor detailed above. He heard me to say, "your artwork doesn't sell", which is pretty much true for the weekend, but thankfully, not for the year. 

Nancy, my second youngest sister is due to the house any minute; we are her vacation home for the week. Bruce is working from home today so he will be her host whilst I play bridge for the first time in six weeks or so. I'm nervous but my partner Bonnie claims she won't be mad when I make stupid mistakes and I believe her. It's her birthday after all--how mad can she get?
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