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A Fall Wardrobe

To a Florida gal, a fall wardrobe, in the conventional sense, is like a foreign language, you know they exist, but darn if you understand them. Then too, it has been so long since I've been in even chilly weather, it is hard to imagine I'll need warm clothes, but warm clothes it is for visiting England in early October.

The boots finally arrived last evening and they fit great, although to make sure they really feel great, I'm wearing them as I type in my tank top and bike shorts.
Here's a little side view, although since I took these I have on socks--very glamorous indeed!
I don't exactly know why this is, but every single time I go on a trip, I feel as if I don't have any clothes, which you and I both know is not true. Although I don't have as many as some ladies my age, I have a fair amount, however, all those lovely sun dresses do not a fall wardrobe make. Then too, most days I just reach in the closet, pull something out, and off I go. Obviously that isn't going to cut it either. So, I got some of the new stuff out and tried to figure out what I already have that will work.
Yep, here is the jacket which came late Tuesday evening. I'm going in style. :)

Pictured above is a new handbag I found at Marshalls because I wanted something brown, but I'm still not sold. We've discussed the mini-suitcase look some women adopt, but for most situations, that's not me. HOWEVER, and that is a big however, I need something largish to carry my cameras. Nope, you're not going to see me with a camera bag, either they are too bulky, or pretty much just plain ugly. A quandary, that's what I'm in.

Thank goodness for Matthew! He's put together an itinerary filled with interesting things to do. Want to see what we'll be doing?

The View from the Shard

Dinner at Tate Modern

Boat trip on the Thames from Westminster to:

Thames Barrier (Annual Closure)

St Paul's Cathedral

Bruce is understandingly nervous about leaving his nearly completed jobs. Originally he had two and a half weeks left in the project, however, they took one week out of the schedule after we were already booked. It goes without saying that the end of a job is full of last minute details which need his attention. Let's face it--being a construction project manager is really hard, and while he gets many weeks of vacation, they are hard to actually use. I'm so hoping his field workers will step up to the plate with performances exceeding his expectations!

With all the shopping I've been up to, it's a good thing the folks at the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival did not want me. Then, I too, would be nervous, and instead of buying new stuff, I'd be ordering, signing and the like. 

I've been dodging rain drops to get in my morning ride. No blue skies at the boat ramp,
unlike the previous week, which I know I posted once, but it's so interesting to me, I'm posting it again!
Perhaps we're being prepped for some gray weather? That said, they are having a mini-heat wave in Southern England. The temperatures, or at least as predicted, and you know how much confidence I have in that, should look like this.  I've been wondering though, cold in Florida, the only cold I know, feels different than in other places, or so I've been told. Perhaps middle 50's and 60's won't be too bad?

Angela is pretty well set at her new home which is very good news indeed as far as Baxter is concerned. Taking him over to the Appleton house the other day, he was very confused with all the emptiness.
In the next few days Baxter is going to accompany me to her new house to get the lay of the land. I hope he doesn't pout too much while we are away. 

If you've a hankering, check out some of the provided links--that Emirates Air Line, (which is not what you think it is,) looks sort of scary, although surely Matt would not pick an activity putting his parents in harms way. Of course he wouldn't! Actually, I was absolutely no help in the planning--all I told him was that I wanted to do some outdoor activities, especially now that I have, what I think is a "fall wardrobe."
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