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Weekend Update

Riding my bike Sunday morning, I came across some folks putting things out for a garage sale, one of which was this:
Despite the injuries to the pint-sized MINI, perhaps I should have purchased it as this may be as close to having another MINI that I'll get! They told me that no sooner had their children received it on Christmas day, than they wrecked it. I always did like that forest green color.

Most Sundays I'm lazy and don't do my ride before the market, but, for whatever reason, I felt like getting it done. What a lovely morning it was. After seeing things that I'll soon show you, I knew that whatever happened at the market was just going to be gravy. Cycling down Fern Creek towards the lake, I stopped my bike for this guy:
He looks pretty big doesn't he? How about this size comparison which happened soon thereafter?
It is good to know that hawks leave blue jays alone and who can blame them? Blue jays are ornery song birds. although if they did get into a fight, there's no doubt who would win that battle. Of all things, turning down Waterwitch, I saw two more hawks high up in a tree! No eagles though.

Saturday, Dana put on a Corn Festival at Winter Garden with games, grilled corn, and hay rides. It was all very fun for the children, although both big and little folks lined up for the hay ride.
As I was walking around getting my weekly market photos, I heard someone call my name. Turning around, I was pleased to see Dr. Gross, one of the radiologists I used to work with. He brought one of his daughters out to the market, shunning the one closest to his home in Winter Park, mostly to get his kitchen knives sharpened by our guy who is getting quite the reputation for quality work. Marrying later in life, he and his wife Lisa were surprised when they had twins about eight years ago. Parents will photograph any movement their children make these days, and he, apparently, is no exception. Ready to get an action shot of her getting a snow cone:
If you'd like to see more of this fantastic market click on this.

Saturday afternoon was spent watching, you guessed it, college football! During my drive home I listened to the final quarter of FSU trouncing Wake Forest. That sounds slightly mean-spirited doesn't it? All in good fun! They, undoubtedly, felt the same way when they beat us two years ago. :)

Thank God for November weather! One of the great things to happen at Lake Eola is that with the addition of a big expanse of green space, well, not so green right now, but you get my meaning, is people doing "park" things, like this huge group doing yoga in the morning.
Children are always loving to feed the birds,
How cool is it that people were playing croquet in the afternoon?
I haven't played croquet in years! This looks like perfect grass for the game doesn't it?

It was interesting hearing people's reaction to the new art. I'm not sure what these folks thought, however, it looks to me like they are just glad to have a place to rest.
So many folks were there, including friends who always stop to say hello. Then too, I had some new customers which is always a good thing because oftentimes they become repeat customers, or so I hope.

Here are a few, unrelated to the weekend that I thought might either bore you, interest you, make you laugh, whatever.....

Leaving our doors wide open, well the back and front ones anyway, all kinds of bugs fly into the house, including this super cool looking one:
Do you think I need to clean my windows? I do.

The other morning was super foggy,
you could hardly see Lake Jennie Jewel. Lake Gem Mary, same thing:
See those two For Sale signs? Both on our little cul-de-sac! In eighteen years living here, only one of the houses were for sale and now two at once? Plus, a neighbor on the Appleton side put his up for sale on Saturday! Who will these new neighbors be? Hopefully nice ones. Damn that Angela--she opened the flood gates!

Speaking of new neighbors, this new "pharmacy" opened on Michigan a few weeks ago. Yeah, right! So, why show this photo? Well, that is not a real person holding the sign, but an animated mannequin! Very weird.

Waiting at the traffic light, I could not resist. What I didn't see from my vantage point is the electrical cord. Hmmm....What will they think of next?

Finally, this morning the sky looked almost like a streaky window.
Make that a really, really streaky!

Time to get to work--have a Marvelous Monday!
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