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Three Holes in the Ceiling

While Bruce was cutting in the kitchen electric boxes, Bill asked Herbert to install some can lights in the hallway, something Herbert has done for Bill before, flawlessly, I must add. So far, so good. Herbert, surveying the ceiling before beginning the project:
So, he proceeds to take down the old light, find the wiring, and begin cutting three holes in the ceiling, only running into the studs twice, requiring a little patching. This morning, while over at Bill's, waiting for the Bright House guy, I found one of the actual circles, which undoubtedly will add to your amusement over the following story.
Pretty darn small, right? Especially so when the old wiring is lost up in the ceiling with extremely limited visibility. It came down to this: Herbert asked if I could help him find the wire in the ceiling by sticking my arm into that black hole and feeling around. Bruce, meanwhile, hearing our struggles, came to help. After nearly 30 minutes of literally grabbing in the dark, my hand found the wire in between the studs. We all breathed a sigh of relief that the entire ceiling did not have to be cut! Fortunately this all happened while Bill was making a Home Depot run, as he would have had a heart attack. And who could blame him? No one was happier than Herbert, who gave me the honor of hitting the switch once it was all put back together.

Saturday was long and productive, with blinds going in, the shower head finally installed, bathroom painted, and more. This sight made me smile today, when I saw he had one of his guitars out...he's making the place his own.
Before leaving Saturday morning, I walked down the street with my camera to photograph a neighbor's tabebuia tree--the very same tree that Sun Dance turned into the image sold in Kirklands. I was so darn delighted when I saw a rainbow over Lake Jennie Jewel.
I bet I see only a couple of rainbows a year, generally when I can neither stop, or don't have my camera! Here then, is the gorgeous tree:
I am more than excited to tell you that our tree is beginning it's annual show of vibrant yellow blooms. Any day now I'll hopefully have a beauty from my own yard to show off!

If you can imagine, we've been so wrapped up in Bill's house, that ours is being neglected. Stars from the party are still hanging in the foyer!!! Why yes, that is the wreath as well.
Saturday was a big fat rainy mess, and that's what we thought was going to be the case on Sunday, but fortunately it was not. Not gorgeous like the previous two Sundays, but tolerable. Every week there is something that strikes me as plum crazy and this week it was this:
So, do you see the white and black dog taking a drink, while wearing a t-shirt? You will never believe what that same t-shirt says, and I won't make you wait another second to find out!
Canine evangelism! What a concept!!

Then too, this little guy comes often for a visit. While we were chatting, he not only told me he is starting algebra in the FIFTH grade (!), but that he will eschew paper for his book report, instead opting for a Power Point presentation!
Really? Seems kind of young to me, but hey, it's been years and years since my children were in elementary school.

There is a whole lotta spiffing up of very young girls as well. This one was my favorite:
Unfortunately, in my haste to take her photo,  I cut off the black patent leather boots she was wearing. She could not have been more than three?

Bruce has gone down to Miami to help the superintendent solve a few problems before Thursday's opening party. God bless that man of mine! I'm off to the grocery store to stock up, as we've been eating on a wing and a prayer these last few weeks. I've pretty much mined my freezer about as far as I can!

Just as we were packing up yesterday afternoon, someone reported receiving a tornado warning on their phone, which was pretty much a false alarm. With clouds like these, I was feeling pretty confidant we would make it home safe and sound, and we did. To tell you the truth, there was nary a drop of rain in our part of the city.
The same could not be said just to the North of us! Thank God for small favors. :)

One last thing---because we returned so late Saturday night, neither one of us thought about the mail. As we were finishing unloading yesterday afternoon it occurred to me, and Bruce went to check the mailbox, calling out that my check from Sun Dance was there. Furthermore, he said it was kind of fat. By golly, "mailbox money"is pretty awesome--by far my largest check to date. Woo hoo!
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