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David to the Rescue!

I'll admit, Bruce and I have our talents, but financial planning is not one of them. Aren't we so lucky to have sons who are? In this case it was David who came to our rescue Monday night.
Sunday, while reading at the market I came across a line in The Orchid Thief that was so good I had to write it down. At the time I thought it pertained to folks perception about me, however, once Dave spent about four hours talking to us, I knew he was the rightful heir to this line---"he has an excess of verbal energy." Those of you who know David know just how true this is!! And, I love it. There's no holding Dave back when he gets going on a topic he is passionate about! Of course, the same could be said of me, however, in reality, I do NOT hold a candle to David.  So, for the first time in our lives, we are going to try and get serious about our finances. Time will tell...

That same night, well more specifically, the wee hours of Tuesday morning, rain woke me up, and I do mean that literally. The good thing about living in a home, built pre-air conditioning, is that the builders included wide eaves in their designs to ward off both the sun, and the rain. Except, in this case, the eaves were no match for the ferocious wind and rain howling outside our OPEN window. I can't say as I can ever remember that happening before. The good news is, in spite of said winds, we only lost one large branch from the front yard oak tree. Could have been much worse!

Monday was a dreary day, so after checking out those cabinets for Bill, we filled the afternoon with meandering through two antique markets, reliving our past if you will. I swear I am always amazed at what people are selling in those places. The question is, "is anyone buying?" Before leaving the house, I was picking up the garbage cans from streetside, putting them back in their place. As I passed the open can filled with yard waste I noticed this little guy on top:
I haven't the foggiest notion how he got there, but once I showed him to Bruce, he, not I, as I am the squeamish type, carried him to the bushes. Briefly we considered putting him in a jar, however, briefly is the operative word here.

Tuesday was filled with activities both good, and bad. Because the weather has been so great, my thoughts have turned to camping, and in this case, specifically Moss Park off Narcoossee Road which is fairly close to us. Some of you may have read about our last camping adventure here, and if so, may just recall we had a little problem.  You see, we use the back of the Pilot for our sleeping quarters, and the car has a mind of it's own regarding the alarm. You'll just have to read the previous post. In any case, Bruce is having a look under the hood so we won't have a repeat of that fun!
As is quite evident, we had the place to ourselves. Except for the birds and some squirrels. You've not seen a squirrel picture in quite some time, have you?
When they are not in my yard stealing form the bird feeders they seem quite cute, don't they?

In my office I have a darling photograph of Bruce and three of our adorable little boys fishing off this pier.
That was a very long time ago. Can anyone believe Bill and Dave are turning 35 on April Fool's Day? I can't say it seems like only yesterday, but it sure doesn't seem like they've been part of this world for that long!

Along the shore of Lake Mary Jess there were quite a group of Ibises, along with several Wood Stork, whose name I could not remember for the life of me, that is, until I started walking to the signage with the shore birds names.
Wood Stork have the ugliest heads, almost pre-historic if you will, but when in flight, oh my!
The sun was so bright I was following this bird in flight, shooting over my head, thus, cutting the tip of his wing off; nonetheless, I thought you might enjoy it.

Our mission was both as a recognizance one, and a picnic, which we enjoyed seated at one of the many lakeside picnic tables. Just as we finished, a Sandhill Crane wandered up to our table, getting so close you can't imagine. Normally they travel in pairs, but this one seemed to be on his own.
I love these cranes--notice the almost heart shape to the red on his head. With his sand covered beak it is easy to see where they get their name!

Here's a nice peaceful picture for you:
Well, that was the last peace we had all day! Our next stop was to the phone store, and was it ever anything but peaceful. Hours and hours later, I have my phone set up, however, not so for Bruce. Let's just say it was both confusing, and frustrating. No more gory details as the whole affair is too darn confusing to relate.

That said, we are making progress on both the financial side, and the communication side of our new life together; next year at this time, it will be a distant memory. Except, of course, for this blog to remind us! (See car camping post!)
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