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In a matter of days our family will be celebrating a milestone. Yes, the day is nearing when our eldest son is getting married. And, in an even bigger milestone, he is marrying a man. I know this makes some readers uncomfortable, and I respect that, but seriously if you could see the love these two have for one another, you too would want them to make their relationship official.
Well, now you have seen it, haven't you? No one, looking at the photo above, even the hardest-hearted person, could deny that there is love exuding from this photo. I can't really explain sexual attraction, can you? Nor can I explain why God makes some folks prefer their own sex, however, I do know that in the animal kingdom it is widespread, so make of that what you will. For me, I think of it like this: I don't know what goes on in the bedrooms of heterosexuals, so why should I concern myself with the same for homosexuals? Agree?

It will be the first day that England officially recognizes that "all men are created equal and deserve the same rights as others." Such as marrying, which despite what some folks claim, at it's simplest, it is a legal agreement that many folks choose to celebrate in a religious setting.
Isn't it so darn easy to be high-minded about various social issues until you've actually been up close and personal with someone who exhibits the behavior you so loudly protest? I know I've been guilty of that crime. However, once I have seen through my prejudices, I quickly realize being judgmental is not only a waste of time, but just plain wrong.

Every parent, no matter the age of their child, wants them to be happy, or so I thought until the other day, while doing the photo shoot with Kelly, she told me the story about how her cousin's mother would not attend her son's wedding. Seriously? Is she crazy? Her own son? How devastating that must have been for him. In our little world, where Tom's parents are also thrilled that their son has found a life partner, it is easy to forget some folk's attitudes have not changed with the times, a deeply depressing thought. Tom and Matt couldn't be happier, and so are we. I know there those amongst you who send all your good wishes for their lives together, and I will be happy to pass those along. :)

Another milestone passed with no mention from me, until today because I finally scanned this photo Bruce recently found:
Although mighty weary, do you see what I see? That would be Gail on the end at her graduation from x-ray school in 1973. Don't we all look so neat and tidy? Keep in mind, pants were not allowed in those days. I can remember thinking perhaps I wouldn't go to x-ray school because I would have to wear stockings every day! Let me tell you, those stockings cost a fortune, and ran like you wouldn't believe. I was always having to scrape money together to buy new ones. The taller man is the radiologist who was in charge of the school, Tom March. If you can imagine, before Christmas, a youngish woman came into my booth, and after some conversation, I discovered she was Tom March's daughter! Maybe I've told you that story--at any rate, it was a pleasant surprise. So, what does the picture have to do with current milestones? I finally, in December, let my licenses lapse after 40 years. It was painful and practical. Never again will I legally be able to get behind an x-ray machine. Of course, at my age, who was going to hire me anyway????

While at Bill's the other day, Herbert looked at me quizzically, finally saying, you look different. Indeed I do. My friend Jim, Ken's partner of 40 years took this of me at the market on Sunday because he wanted to turn the camera on me for a change.
I still had not washed my hair at this point, despite getting it all wet at Bill's house on Saturday. In another first, I used our pressure washer on the moldy wall in his backyard.
That amazing transformation comes with a price--sore arms and wet hair and clothes, however, I was happy to do so because I was more than tired of seeing it! Later on Bill used it on his pool deck, while Herbert is seen carrying away the old toilet.
Before the toilet went away for good, I photographed the inside lid:
I suspect, one of the dates is the manufacture date, and one is the installation date. I also suspect that there is not much you can purchase today that will still be functional 55 years from now! Herbert put it out by the road, hoping someone would want/need a gray porcelain toilet. The old dishwasher as well as some cabinets found new homes that way.

Well, we are leaving on a jet plane, and I do know when we will be back again, but this being the internet and all, I'm not divulging the dates. Check back now and again, and you'll find me writing in this same place soon. After all, where else on the world wide web will you again be treated to a photograph of the inside of a toilet?
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