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This is the Ticket

This retirement life is suiting us just fine.

On our way home from some adventures last evening, as we were driving down Summerlin, the sunset was showing off some fine color. "Drop me off!", I exclaimed.
And so he did...

Having longish hair is the path of least resistance for a good many women, most definitely this woman. It was last January (gasp!) that I had, what might be considered, a serious haircut. There have been a few trims along the way, once when Nancy was visiting, and then again this past fall I went to the salon twice, but not much happened with the scissors. Well, now it has.
Ponytail holders will not be in my luggage, that's for sure! Then too, Mr. Bruce's hair was longer than it's been for a while;  Monica took care of that as well. He was even sporting some curls in the back..
That's him, as if I need to tell you, working with drywall mud around the electrical panel. I have some very good news to Saturday Bill will have kitchen appliances!! Although he's had that tiny fridge for the last month, it is no match for a full-sized version. There will be no cabinets, or sink, but it's a start.

It must have been on Wednesday that I finally finished painting the bookcases, although I took this photo before I'd gotten to the last two cabinet doors.
That, my friends, is a photo of Baxter as a puppy---hot dog--he was the cutest!

Well, the painted bunting are no more, but there are goldfinch aplenty. It's been a while since you've seen the Nuttery, now hanging under the eaves just outside the sunroom.
Speaking of the sunroom, there's a new chair in town....
Finally! We purchased the fabric maybe two months ago? It took a while for Richard, the upholsterer extraordinaire, to pick it up, and then weeks to actually do it. Another funky chair joining the ranks.

My gerbera daisies are sending up new flowers weekly, joined now by another one with brown in the middle from some other plants. Bought in the bargain area at Lowes--natch.
The swivel rocker, in it's third incarnation,  is one I purchased at a thrift store, years and years ago. If memory serves me, and this is always suspect, as you well know, this chair sported a nubby orange, filthy dirty, exterior when I bought it for $5.00. It is the scale of the chair that keeps me from buying new--we have an older home, begging for older furniture. Richard decided against putting a skirt on the chair in an effort to make it look a tad more modern. What do you think?

Thursday afternoon, while Bruce was at Bill's house, I set out to make some oatmeal cookies. I couldn't figure out why Baxter was barking up a storm by the side door until I looked out and saw Herb and Corrine washing her car!!!
Actually, Herb is only pictured, but here comes Corrine...
At 87, Corrine is sharp as a tack, however, she is getting more physically feeble by the day, thus my shock at the two of them out there washing her car! He's 86, and while his body still works pretty well, his mind is going. Could this be us in another 25 years? Taking some freshly baked cookies over, as I know they both have a sweet tooth, I expressed my dismay. It was the yellow pollen that was driving her crazy, or so she said.

Once the cookies were baked, I drove over to Kelly's house to take some photos for her. Mostly for her various social media needs. Anyway, here she is playing around a bit, imitating her dog with one eye.
How she kept that smile at the same time is beyond me! After a very quick supper, we drove downtown to attend the opening night of the Twitter Art Exhibit, organized, and curated by my friend Robin Pedrero, pictured below with Aimee Wheaton, another artist friend.
This show was simply amazing. The link, underlined above, goes into more of the specifics, but from our viewpoint, this was one of the best shows we've been to in Orlando, with works, albeit small, from artists across the globe. In fact, here's one from an artist in Leicester, a place we'll soon be visiting.
It was great fun seeing the fantastic international creativity and talent on display, all in one room.
Our only wish is that we'd arrived sooner!

With only a few days remaining before our trip, it is time to get serious about things. Presumably this will be our final work day over at Bill's place. I suspect, when we are not around, he'll get all sorts of projects completed--or so we hope.

Won't be long before we'll be in coats and pants again....
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