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Today is the First Day...

...of the rest of your life, or so the saying goes.
While I waited in the car, Bruce turned in his work computer on Friday afternoon.
Before leaving our home, I made a suggestion: "How about we finally use our gift card from Matt and Tom and celebrate at Dexter's?" You know a couple has been married a very long time when the response is: "I was thinking the same thing!"
And what a fine time we had. Thanks Matt and Tom!

As I type my darling is still asleep which is a good thing. Early on he was having a little trouble sleeping, however, that is a thing of the past. No more worrying about jobs spread across the country!
At the moment our biggest concern is getting our phones settled in with a new carrier. How's that for a tiny problem?

So, now that that is dealt with, which I'm glad it is finally over, let's see what is happening around the garden, shall we? I told you I would show off the tabebuia tree and now I am:
I think we've had it now about four years, and it is finally showing it's colors. Beforehand, I've had only a smattering of blooms, but this year? Gorgeous! Because there are so many big trees it is hard to isolate, but I've done my best to show it off. Please note the top of the photo--gorgeous spring green leaves on our neighbor's oak tree.

This is also the first year our newly planted oak tree has behaved like an oak tree, dropping it's leaves, while forming new ones.
I guess it goes to show you that it takes time to settle in, which undoubtedly will be the case with Bruce. He is so accustomed to waking up to hundreds of emails, beginning the day with a blank slate will be quite the shock to his system. A nice shock though.

In a little case of art imitating life, the goldfinch are back,
pictured with my little sitting bird stakes in the background. :) The brilliant pink are the glorious azaleas, a plant that doesn't look like much most of the year, but in the spring they show off like nobodies business.

Then too, the caladiums are coming up!
Before long the jungle, or what we call our jungle, will be rimmed with the caladium's bright colors. I suspect by the time we return from England there will be more than I can count!

Saturday, while Bruce was finishing the kitchen soffit at Bill's place, I finally made it over to Roger and Trish's new shop.
Now you get the RT part of the name. Trish is more than happy to finally have her home back after ten years. As you walked in the door of their 1923 home, to your left sat one of the 60" printers. Furthermore the business took up two large bedrooms, as well as a bathroom turned into a spray room. She says the house echos without all the equipment! The new space is roomy, but with their reputation, it probably won't be long before it is too small. Seven years ago, when first we met, their customer base included maybe 20 people. These days that number is in excess of 200! I have never forgotten what Roger said to me that day in 2007--I bet I can help you out, and his bet proved oh, so true.

Yesterday the market was busy with both people and oak leaves--good grief those leaves and fuzzy things were flying everywhere! The temperature was lovely, albeit a tad on the warm side, with a nice breeze, thus the flying part. As the day drew to a close I had the cutest sisters visit my booth...oh my!
The older one was a budding artist ,while the little claimed to be a dancer.
Was she ever delightful! I am still reading The Orchid Thief, which I'd brought along for filling the slow moments. Just as I was getting to the part about the "Vanda wars" between orchid growers, Jim brought one to the market. Not just any old Vanda, but one with two spikes.
If not for our upcoming trip I might just have had to take that one home for myself. According to Jim, those blooms should last about two months while the rest of the year it will be leaves, and roots. Curious plants, orchids are.

So, what is on the agenda for the first day of the rest of Bruce's life? Why, a kitchen cabinet finding mission, that's what! Time to get that man moving...

p.s. Blue Fedora it is! Nearly finished the painting on Saturday--pictures soon!
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