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Going Viral

Friday night, the 4th of July, to be exact, just before heading to bed, I checked facebook for any family updates, particularly Matt and Tom's new place. What I discovered could not have been more different.

Scrolling down, I saw my nephew Rich had posted a video entitled something like, "NSB Most Wanted"with "Busted" thrown in there somewhere. I watched it once, then a second time, and yet a third, thinking it was so crazy it was hard to believe/imagine. Meanwhile Mr. Bruce had fallen asleep on the couch. Waking him to come to bed, I said,  "you've got to see this video Rich posted." He did just that, watching it several times as well. With urging from friends and family, Rich posted the video to YouTube, and as I type there are more than 5 million views!!

I don't know about you, but I've always wondered how something goes "viral." No longer. Apparently it was first posted to a site called reddit ,which looks to me like a site where ordinary people submit weird stuff. By the way--what's with the lower case titles, first facebook and now this one? Anyway, viewers felt like I did--too crazy to imagine. The fire was lit; friends. of friends. of friends. began posting it to their facebook page, sort of like the old fashioned game gossip, except the content remained the same. Saturday morning, working at Bill's, I asked him if he'd seen it yet? No, but his reaction was the same as he watched it on his phone--incredulous!

While at the market Sunday, a friend who'd seen my posting of the video wanted the rest of the story. (Where is Paul Harvey when you need him?) As did another friend who texted me for any news. I called Maureen Sunday night with no answer, but Monday morning she called, and explained a little bit more of the story. My friends were not the only ones wanting more--Inside Edition rang, as did a show on the Fox Network. He declined those invitations, but he did give an interview to the website "Gawker," and for those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is Rich's Story. We've always known he has a wicked wit, not too unlike his Mother in days of old, but even under pressure, he is funny. There is one line in the interview which is "comedy gold", as one commenter put it.

The story has even gone international. One of the best parts about this whole thing is reading comments left by viewers--my favorite to date is one I saw on "The Daily Mail" website from London--"American woman, stay away from me!" That would be from an oldie, but goodie, song by The Guess Who, later covered by Lenny Kravitz. So, there you have it--this will be a story Rich will tell to his grandchildren who may roll their eyes--who knows? According to Maureen, Rich will be happy when all the hullabalo is over, but with the story making it's rounds around the country, it is anyone's guess when that will be.

So, this photo will not be going viral, that's for sure, but I submit it for your amusement/amazement.
What will those crazy dog owners think of next? Chin strap included with the sunglasses!

When was the last time you've seen how a septic tank is built? Never, you say? Pete, our next door neighbor had his re-done this week and I felt like you'd want to know how it is done.
After digging that gigantic whole in his front yard, the workers laid this, which according to Pete is new technology:
Myself, I was impressed. After a thorough inspection, the hole is re-filled, and that's how it is done. I wouldn't want you to think of your time as wasted reading this blog--there are things to be learned!!

Well my friends, no one stopped me, so instead of this:
I now have this:
I began by taping the windows, however Bruce talked me out of it saying that is what a razor scraper is for. When my awning included green, the door made sense, however, with this new one (actually more than a year old), I felt I needed a change and what a change it is! I did not stop with the above door, spending pretty much all day yesterday giving two coats to all three of them. They are drying a wee bit darker....
See the reflection of my tent in the window? That is because it needed air drying after Sunday's rain out--yep, out of there by 12:30 again. This is proving to be a most difficult summer for an outdoor vendor. :(

While I was painting Bruce was doing some of his own. He's making sign holders for Dana using her existing bases which were once wood colored. You are seeing the primer--the final color is black.
You might note the drying mechanism he dreamed up for the top portion. When he is all done there will be nine of them.

How about something with more color?
With watermelon it is hit or miss, not unlike most fruit, however this is a good one.

My gosh, I just learned that CNN picked up the video--this is surreal...
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