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Jetty Park

Where has the week gone? For that matter, where has August gone?

Apparently none of you took me too seriously regarding my injuries because no sympathies came my way. :( In reality, not only did I have those scrapes and bruises, but I had/have two cold sores to complicate matters. Yikes! Nonetheless, life goes on, and so it has.

Tuesday, while at our polling place I finally got a good photo of the Florida flag,
while waiting for Bruce to sort out his voting business. Earlier in the month they sent him an absentee ballot which I threw out without realizing it would be a problem. This year, they are very serious about voter fraud. Didn't think about that when it hit the trash. Our friend Jane works for a Seminole County judge whom, if she'd lost the election, would have had to let Jane go. Fortunately, she won, making us very happy indeed. During the course of the summer, two different judges came by my booth, one of whom bought an owl print as his name is Weiss, apparently pronounced "wise" and he uses the owl as his mascot.
You knew I had to vote for him! The turnout for this election was absolutely pathetic--15 % of voters! You can bet the remaining 85% do their fair share of complaining in spite of not taking the time to vote.

Continuing our beach going ways, Thursday we went to Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral. It must have been last summer (?) that last I went to Jetty Park with Matt and Tom. Perhaps they'll remember this pretty walk to the ocean?
It was a perfectly lovely day with wonderful surf to play in. A storm far away in the Atlantic was our benefactor, producing some great foam.
Did I mention the lovely breeze? What an oversight! During the course of the day, and we actually stayed for quite a while this visit, on two different occasions a tug boat would do it's thing with a much larger boat. How do they do it?
So, the surf was great, the breeze was as well, not to mention the scenery, but in a major turn of events, at least for me, I spent a good deal of time READING! I am completely under the spell of Jane Austen. Sense and Sensibility was my novel of choice this past week.
While I was wondering how to get my hands on her other novels, I already had the book about ten feet from where I sit now!!  Duh! Yes, thanks to Alissa, who gave it to me years ago, I finally thought to look on my office shelf, and there it was patiently waiting for me to delve in to. Are you like that? Do you have books on your shelves that you've never read?  According to this entry from Wikipedia,  the Modern Library publishing house was not without it's critics, however, I am mighty glad they put this volume together. What have I been waiting for? Sense and Sensibility was excellent, and now I've moved on to Mansfield Park.  A heroine with my maiden name! Who knew?

Later in the day, this charming little girl arrived with her family.
I was wondering if they were killing time before boarding the Disney cruise ship we saw waiting in the port moments away from where we sat?

The other day I finally did some grocery shopping, and while at Publix, I picked up these daisies which have the most alluring color--in person it is sort of a dusty rose which to date I'd never seen before. I used to be able to whip up still lifes of daisies with no problem, however, in spite of the great color, this time I've struck out. In fact, one of my tasks this week was cleaning out old photos from my massive photo library collection. Somewhat depressing because it seems as if my best days are behind me--this year I've hardly taken one super good photo. :(
Hope springs eternal however, and tomorrow might just be the day something magical happens once again. Speaking of magic, let us hope our beloved Florida State Seminoles put on a good show tonight. This time of year I am glued to my television on Saturdays watching college football; in fact, University of Central Florida is playing Penn State in Dublin right now. The small screen calls to me.....
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