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Sooner or Later

You knew it had to happen, after all, it is our rainy season. Friday, in spite of being up bright and early, we got a late start on our beach day. It wasn't because our intentions weren't good, however, we had a few visitors, which is always a nice interruption to have, so we stopped our preparations to chat with both Regina, and Cheryle, who by the way, is the one who picked out the new living room color. Prior to her move to Orlando to marry David, she had her own interior design firm for 22 years in Chicago, working for some pretty big, and familiar, names, so who was I to argue when she nixed my idea for various light shades of blue? Then, when I chose a bunch of greens, at her suggestion, that I thought might work, she nixed them as well, instead getting out her mini-suitcase of Benjamin Moore colors to find a suitable color.

Have you been wondering what it looks like once the furniture is back in place. Of course you have!!
Don't believe that clock on the wall--it is kaput! I can still remember buying that from an art gallery in Fort Lauderdale. To say I was excited is putting it mildly. Sadly, even with a battery change, it no longer keeps on ticking, or the pendulum moving, for that matter. I MUST take it to a shop soon!

Cheryle's next suggestion is for us to paint the fireplace brick--a big step towards brightening the room.
We are still pondering that change...

With that out of the way, let's get back to the great outdoors, more specifically, Ponce Inlet beach, one of my absolute favorites. It's a bit of a drive, thus once we arrived after 11, the clouds were already beginning to form. Mr. Bruce has been experiencing some dreadful back problems of late, mostly when sitting, but feels good riding the waves. This time we brought Nancy's boogie board for that purpose.
Can you tell why I like this stretch of Atlantic coastline so much? Look at that wonderfully, light colored, not to mention, soft sand! Fantastic! Thinking of B's back, I chose a spot where you can park your car right on the beach in case he needed to stretch out, which he did not, because, sadly we weren't there long enough! I must clarify--I'm happy his back was okay, not so much that I never went in the water! I did, however, walk a little ways seeing this yellow footed egret staring out to sea...
That's not the official name, or I don't think it is, but it should be if not! Funny that, although there were only a few shells along the waterline, this washed up...
One of these days I hope to find an intact sand dollar. So, returning to our little compound, or more accurately, the open- backed Pilot, towards land, the sky looked like this:
Not a very good sign, don't you agree? Nice picture though.

I love a good red lifeguard stand as much as the next person, but, gee whiz, this color may just be better.
Wouldn't you know it, the day we finally bring the boogie board, the waves are not suitable! What little he did of it though, helped some. Even the optimist in me, knew that the time had come for us to pack up when the storm started moving closer.
Not so much the rain, but lightening was cracking, causing us to get cracking ourselves! How often do we take the long way home? Very often, and Friday was no exception. Instead of heading back to the interstate, we decided to drive home via US1 in order to go through Mims, a tiny little town just North of Titusville. Then the rains came, and boy did it ever pour, so much so that if there had been much traffic on the highway I would have pulled over. The kind of rain where you can hardly see in front of you, except for the yellow line along the side of the road. In the driving rain, we came to Mims, finding our destination which was....
About 25 years ago, Mr. Bruce had some business in Mims, and whenever he was there, he and the guys ate at Louis's BBQ Shack, although back then the name was Porky's. We learned that it was still the same owner with a name change that is too complicated to explain, or for that matter, you don't really care, so I'll leave it to your imagination. Parking in the flooding parking lot, we ran in, watching the rain from this vantage point.
It was nice to be indoors I'll say that much. Which is pretty much the best I can say about our visit to Louis's BBQ Shack; the food was not what Bruce remembered! Although we tried to out-drive the rain, it kept coming until we got closer to Orlando, finally stopping, and by the time we arrived home, we discovered not a drop had fallen at our house. Nor had any fallen on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Very strange for this time of the year. Let us hope that today the trend continues as I head to the market shortly!

Speaking of food, Thursday was Matt Stromberg's birthday, and Angela asked me if I would make some chocolate chip cookies to celebrate. He, just like my Matt, loves his sweets. I got out the Cook's Illustrated, making the revolutionary recipe from that, which is their name, not mine, although I tend to agree because the techniques are so different. Rarely, if ever do I make big cookies, however, these turned out huge!
Much to my surprise, this batch did have the crackly top I was going for. Obviously, the next batch into the oven was spaced differently. He called the next day to thank me and ask me to explain to Angela that in America it is perfectly acceptable to eat cookies for breakfast. Or, at least it is around this household!

Who amongst us can believe it is already August?

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