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Tables Beach

Our poor dog groomer, Tanya, had a heck of a time with Baxter last Thursday, because, while she was doing her thing in the truck parked along the curb, we were grooming our yard. You can well imagine how he struggled to get out of that truck because we were nearby, however, it could not be helped and so, all's well that ends well. Mr. Baxter had quite a "shearing."
Which, as it turns out, is a very good thing. Without the weight of all of his hair, he is jumping around again like a little puppy! Those big brown eyes are so charming, aren't they?

While discussing which beach to go to for our Friday Funday, I mentioned it would kind of neat to go back to the exact spot where I took my now, infamous, "Beach Daisies." Infamous sometimes has a bad connotation, however, in my case I'm using it to describe my SECOND BEST selling photo of my short career. Each and every time people have asked me where I took it, I've always said Patrick Air Force Base, which is true in some respects, however, as it turns out, I discovered the real name of that stretch of the Atlantic seaside.
So now we all know. I'm going to have fun with that from now on....

Pulling into the parking lot just after 9, we first did a little look-see, not only to see if the beach daisies were still there, but if we wanted to stay. No, to the beach daisies, and yes to staying.
The mound to Bruce's left is where they once were. So, while some folks take what I do for granted, I do not, knowing as I do, that most of my good shots will never happen again! Speaking of good shots, when I took the VW van photo a while back, I was super excited about sharing it with folks. Well, never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect it to land on a pillow, or a lamp shade, but, apparently that is what is to come, courtesy of my wonderful art publisher, Sun Dance Graphics! Doing the market is sometimes difficult, however, I sure have met some great folks there, including Sarah from Sun Dance.
Seriously, I cannot believe this is happening to me.

As is more often than not the case, I cannot sit still for long at the beach, so I took a walk and discovered a neat spot down the beach, called, cleverly enough, Beach House.
Perhaps they could have gotten a little more creative? At any rate, it was cute and colorful which goes a long way with me.

Although there were some waves, they weren't the riding kind. Instead you sure could go far sideways because of the riptide. When nephew Rich posted his beach canopy video, commenters had a lot to say, including many about why would anyone put up a tent on the beach anyway? Well, apparently they have not spent much time in our Florida sun; had they done so there would be no need for explanations. These young folks, after setting up their tent,
which, naturally I was a big fan of, took that big yellow float out into the water, and man did they ever travel far down the beach with the riptide! I was wondering how they were going to get back to their spot, watching them try rolling it, eventually deciding it was best to wear it!
Months and months ago I told our daughter-in-law Michelle that I would gladly photograph her 20th high school reunion event for free because they had no money in their budget for photography. What was I thinking??? I love Michelle and all, but my skills are so limited that shooting indoors in dark places makes me very nervous. First I turned to Roger, asking him if I could borrow his off camera flash. What I was most freaked out about was her request for a shot of the entire group!! Picking up the light from their shop, Roger instructed me on what sort of camera settings might work. Coming home, I practiced a little around the house with ISO (film speed) using 1,000 for this shot.
I'm so happy with the new room color!!! Earlier Saturday I FINALLY got to talk with Matt and Tom on Facetime after more than a month!!! Let's put it this way, their new flat is spectacular with wonderful paint colors galore!! (enough exclamation points for you?) During our conversation I discovered that my lameness knows no bounds....not only did I send Matt's birthday card well after his birthday, I now know why he never received it----I neglected the flat number. What kind of Mother does this??

5:30 arrived and I took to the highway for the reunion at a hotel in the Lake Buena Vista area. Let's put it this way--I survived. Then too, I took this photo of Dave and Michelle that I just love.
The group shot came out as well as you would expect with someone like me behind the camera. I stood on a table top to try and fit everyone in, taking this as the group disassembled.
Thank God for the lobby, because had I tried to take it in the very dark ballroom, there is just no telling what would have happened using my equipment.

Then it was the Sunday market which seems to come around so quickly. Much to my shock, I sold eight small canvases, two with frames. Beginning when I was still setting up, continuing while I was taking it all down again. My word, was I pleased to be doing that in early August.

Monday and Tuesday were unremarkable, so I won't bore you with that, and now we are all caught up. You would have thought I'd been on vacation or something, not writing in so long. I love writing this blog nearly as much as I like taking photographs, so many thanks to those who are reading this.

Feeling humbled,
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