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Tent Making

Bruce has gone back to doing what he does best--project managing. Beginning the other side of the kitchen, we did not have a huge plan except for starting on the low cabinet. Aside from that, things happened in not what B considered the correct order. This side will be done on a whole different level.

When I left you yesterday he'd gone to Ace to purchase some plastic to make a tent for sanding. I emptied out my cabinets,
all of them at once, making the pretty little guest room a mess once again.
This time it is filled with all my cooking supplies, spices, along with all my pots and pans. When last we had a tent, it was for the bottom of the cabinets only, however, this time B was not messing around, instead he began at the ceiling.
Moving the refrigerator out of the way, he left me a space to paint the remaining orange away. As well we can do the cabinet sides.
So, once he was in there, he did not stop for 2 1/2 hours! A workhorse? Why, yes he is.
All total for the orbital sander? 12 sheets of sandpaper. Finally, around one in the afternoon, he emerged, completely covered in sawdust!
The shirt, pre saw dust, is navy blue!
While under the tent he vacuumed everything using the shop vac, however, the fine dust I washed away with TSP. Now we are ready to tackle the remaining cabinets!!
Our goal is to have everything done to put the refrigerator back at the end of today. I began the priming process,
followed by painting the wall, as well as the pipe that runs up from the range hood. That was Bill's idea and a good one it is. Following B's plan, I got all that done, he put all the putty in the holes, while I painted the insides. Good grief that part makes a huge difference! Love, love it!
The red stuff is the putty, and the guides on the bottom of the cabinet are for the pull out drawers he made several years ago. God send is what they are, holding my major pans, and corralling all the plastic containers.  BTW--the interior paint is not green despite it's appearance in the photo.
We set a quit time and followed that, not only because we were tired but the caulking and putty had to dry before I could complete the upper interiors. If you can believe it, I've used nearly a gallon on the insides! Normally Bruce's garage does not look quite like this, however, in the midst of this project, it does.
Note the big white thing--that is the rack with all my prints covered for obvious reasons. The little doors on the table saw are the first order of the day for Bruce because they are the over the fridge doors he's hoping to have back in place by day's end.

My sister Nancy called last evening complaining about the quality of my photos! The nerve of her! Actually, as I explained to her, it is fairly difficult to photograph in a long narrow space. Doing the best I can in that department!

Time to check back in with the project manager to get my assignment for the day....
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