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Really, that is the perfect word for the weather today. When people tell me they don't like the color blue I am completely mystified. How can you not like the color blue???? The sky is BLUE! Would you rather have gray? If so, you are just plain crazy in my book!

Before leaving St. Pete, I went back, once again, to the water's edge in hopes of seeing the sun rise over Tampa Bay, an activity that has been sorely lacking in my life for far too long.
There is just something so special in watching a sunrise, in fact, I'm more partial to them than I am to sunsets for some odd reason. The birds and the fishermen were up and out with the sun. :)

So what have I been doing with myself with Bruce gone for six days, after spending every day for the last six months together???

One thing I did was visit with Jenni at the church to talk about her vision for the book store. And of course, while there, I took some photos!
While waiting to chat, I could not resist taking this one of the minister's dog, which apparently has the run of the place.
I had a wonderful time catching up with Bev over a glass of wine, and in her case, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer, which she begged me to try, however, being the stubborn non-beer drinker that I am, I could not bring myself to do it! She, along with some of her closest friends, went on a two week cruise of the British Isles which was filled with both pain, and pleasure. Sadly, she came down with a horrible case of bronchitis marring her visit to my beloved London. She did her best not to let it slow her down, paying for it dearly once she returned to Winter Park! Now, though, she is almost as good as new.

Then too, I had dinner at Cheryle's which is always an entertaining surprise. Because David was to be at choir practice, I thought it was just going to be the two of us. NOT! You may recall from a long ago post that she and her husband are "airbnb" hosts, with a steady stream of guests. As I was pulling up, a young couple was only just arriving with bags of food from the market up the street,  Freshfield Farms. Over wine and cider, the cooking began, and went on, and on, and on. My goodness me. Aaron and Goldie are from Brooklyn, visiting Orlando to go to Universal Studios Harry Potter extravaganza. Furthermore, Sammie, along with his seven year old son whose name I did not catch, were visiting from Brazil. So, there was Cheryle preparing food for us, Goldie and Aaron cooking for them and us, and Sammie doing the same. Talk about lively!
Lively does not do the evening justice. While there, Cheryle did take time to show me the room she's turned into a studio for her pastels. In the last few months she's gotten back to creating, and man was I impressed! Her talents are unceasing.
With the glorious change in weather, I even took Baxter for a walk one evening, an activity that we don't engage in often. Jonathan will be happy to note that B has not forgotten how to walk the curb.
Before leaving I began seeing hundreds of crows flying over our back yard. I don't know why they don't land in our five giant pine trees; they seem to prefer our neighbor's trees, just down the street. After a while they seemed to fill nearly every branch.
You can just imagine how loud they were, can't you? It was a sight to behold, especially when all of a sudden they decided to play "musical trees!"
Nature is so cool isn't it? What, you have to wonder, makes them move around as they do? Once we were home, I still could hear them, and looking out our front door, I could see them as well.
And do you want to know why I could see them so well? Because it is my favorite time of the year! My front door is wide open, and in spite of what our neighbor men had to say about it, I'm keeping it that way every day that the weather is stupendous.
Those creeps, Pete and John, told Bruce that it was dangerous for me to leave it open, blah, blah, blah. They may prefer to stay in their air conditioned cocoons, but I need fresh air just the minute the temps lower, and the humidity stays away. Having a screen door might be nice though. Aha--another project!!

The weather is predicted to be fine for the weekend both when I do the market, and Mr. Bruce finally comes home Saturday night, just in time for the FSU-Notre Dame game. Let us hope that by the time I blog again our Florida State Seminoles are still undefeated.

This one is for both Jonathan, and Karen, taken when the two teams last met here in Orlando.
Go 'Noles!!!
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