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It is My Job to Notice Things!!

Wednesday, after dropping Cheryle home after our trip to Costco, where regular gas was only $2.88/gallon by the way, I noticed hundreds of these fuzzy balls in her driveway.
They even outnumbered the fallen acorns, which is really saying something. Imagine my surprise the next day to come across this in the Orlando Sentinel. If you click on the link you'll learn more about them, including that they harbor baby WASPS! Who knew?

Meanwhile in her backyard the Plumeria tree has a gorgeous multi-flower bloom.
It goes without saying, well wait a minute, I'm saying it....anyway, the fragrance is just as marvelous as the appearance.

The other day I remembered that my Panasonic has some settings I've not explored for some time, including a retro setting, which I used to photograph Sunday's market just to change things up a bit.
I tried it around the house after making a pumpkin bundt cake.
You know what we've had for breakfast today!

Yesterday, on my way to pick up some prints, I was compelled to turn around after driving by this scene. Honestly, a truck as tall as a house?
Apparently they put the giant out front, reserving the side driveway for the mini car? There is just so much that contradicts in the above photo that I had to document the sighting. You just never know about folks, an old VW owner with a truck half the size of a house? What are these giants called anyway?

Furthermore I noticed this on a residential fence near the corner of Virginia and Bumby.
Occasionally when people discover,( usually by my telling them,) that I've been writing a blog for nearly eight years, their first question is "what is about?" Well, anything that you can think of? Seriously, I never really know how to respond. Any ideas?

I've got a few clever Halloween yards to show you!
From across the street I did not even see the skeleton in the hammock! This one, while not so clever, holds interest as well.
Our daughter-in-law joined the Junior League of Greater Orlando this year to be more involved with our community. To tell you the truth, she is the first person I've known to be a part of this organization which once held the reputation as a place for debutantes. Do debutantes still exist? Anyway, that reputation is a stereotype that has been shattered around here. Thus, because everyone else in the family were participating in the Halloween Hustle, Bruce and I decided to join them for the 5K on Thursday evening. We met the gang at a field adjacent to Lake Baldwin. Our niece Katie, and my sister Lisa, as we waited for the race to begin.
Katie is the pro in our family, having run in both the Paris, and New York City, marathons in the past. Lisa, while not on Katie's level, also has experience running, whereas you already know that neither Bruce, nor I, are runners, however, we can walk, and walk we did.
There was a good sized crowd out to raise money to combat childhood hunger. The weather was absolutely perfect with a slight chill in the air. I didn't hear the first place winners time, however, second place was 17 minutes and something. We managed to walk it in that time PLUS 40 extra minutes! Afterwards we went to Gators Dockside for food and drink where a good time was had by all.

The great thing about having such a long running blog is multi-faceted. One feature I see, but you don't, is a place where I see what posts people are clicking on for whatever reason. I'm oftentimes amused at the key words that people type in that bring them to my blog. Then there are the titles I see that people are reading. I, too, can search, and most recently I did a search for unusual acorn drop which I knew I'd written about before. Sure enough, I discovered one in 2010, a month or so before the coldest winter we've had in anyone's recent memory. I would link to that post, however, I've discovered another post that I'd obviously forgotten I'd written, although looking back, it was pretty good, AND, without a single photograph, if you can believe that! Written before helping Jonathan and Alissa with their move from Chicago to Austin. As to the cost of gas? I recently found my notebook with the log--I was pretty darn close--$79.00. (By the way, I never include a link that I don't find worthwhile. :) )

So, that's what's been in my radar for the last couple of days. What's been in yours?
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