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It is What It is

I, for one hate that saying. Hearing it way more than I should, generally I cringe when it is uttered. With that in mind, why, pray tell did I title this post with a phrase I dislike? On occasion, it fits. In this case, I'm speaking of me!! Talking with Cheryle about art the other day, she told me the folks at the Art Institute of Chicago once told her, while she was taking a class, that some of her abstract art was what they called, "decorative." Translated this means that "the work is not saying anything." Well, la-de-da.

Their intent, no doubt, was good, but seriously, does everything considered art have to have meaning? This must be why I'm a photographer rather than a painter. As much as I hate to admit it, my work, including this blog and my photography,"is what it is." Nothing more, nothing less. If my readers, or viewers find meaning in anything I do, that is all well and good, but if they don't I'm just fine with that too.

Now that I have that off my chest, shall we move on?

Good morning!!! Here's what the sky looked like when I arose this morning.
Perhaps, we will get some much needed rain. Gone AWOL since September.

Just when you thought we were over Halloween yard pictures (!), I've got two that are crying out to be seen by more than the folks that pass by them. Can you imagine the work that went into putting this together??
I may have shown that before because it is so incredible, and keeps getting bigger every year. The one below, however, is new to me.
I suspect Charlie Brown would not approve of such a display!! Then again, who dreams this kind of stuff up?? The one below, on the other hand, is done so well, and is, come to think of it, decorative!
What a lovely display--right?

So, what I do may not have any lasting meaning, but, for sure, I'm happiest when I'm making something. Some folks like experiences, I like creating. Which is why I bought all this fabric!
I can hardly wait to make some retro clothes, especially with what she labeled, "stylized pique", referring to the one with the orange and yellow flowers.

Guess what? I got a flu shot Monday morning, the first one of my life. While it did not hurt a bit when she gave it to me, I was surprised Tuesday morning to discover my arm was super sore. Now, however, the soreness is gone, and I so hope I will not get the flu again this year. The last two years have not been kind to me on that front.

So, here's something very coincidental. Last post I linked to an article from the Orlando Sentinel regarding the closing of Jordan Marsh. (JM again!!) While straightening my desk in the midst of writing this post I found a yellowed, folded clipping from the newspaper. I figured it was one of my letters to the editor from long ago, which it is, but look what else I discovered!!!
Reading my letter again, I can hardly believe the life I lived, and I was there! I suppose the last line on my letter says it all--the more things change, the more they stay the same. Budget cuts are nothing new.

Bruce and I, once again, rode our bikes to vote on Tuesday. Along the way, many of the sidewalks were covered with acorns (!), as well as the petals from the Golden Rain Trees which have been gracing our skies of late. The blooms begin as a brilliant yellow, followed by an orangish pink, and finally a light pink when they fall. I'm a sucker for fallen blooms.
Finally, I planted some cheery flowers out front. You won't be surprised to see that some of them are orange.
Zinnias are the cutest, aren't they?

Bruce is in Boston, visiting the recently completed Earls to take photographs, as well as to meet with his boss. Just for one day and night. Saturday, he made 11 new frames which we hope will sell at the DeLand Art Festival comping up in a few short weeks. Although I applied the last several years, I was not accepted until this year--here's hoping the weather will be good. Then too, Matt and Tom are coming on the Friday before the show!! So exciting. This will be Tom's first American Thanksgiving! And my first time preparing Thanksgiving in my beautiful new kitchen which I'm loving very much. Thank you for asking.

Well, I said the zinnias would be my last photo, however, have a gander at this gorgeous, Candy Apple Red truck we saw parked the other morning.
Looks good enough to eat!!

Let the good times roll....
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