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Number 1307

Every now and again I can't think of a title so the post number will have to suffice today.

Uneventful is probably a good definition of this past week, well, that is if you don't count the big wedding day! Perhaps that was so exciting, everything else paled in comparison? Then too, I've been fighting a little cold bug which kept me home for a few days. Earlier in the week I put together a big order, and picked it up Thursday, followed by a seriously long signing session on Friday. We've had some super weather, and then, not so much. On the day I felt mostly puny, I had Brucer build a fire and Mr. Baxter and I pulled our chair up close and got some cozy time in.
On one of the days when I felt just fine, Michelle came for a visit with my birthday goodies. Now, we've already established that the bicycle card is fantastic, however, my sister Nancy sent me an awesome one, and then lo and behold, Michelle brought over another wonderful one. Cards get a lot of mileage in our home--love them!
These two are now residing on my office bulletin board, along with a very pretty one from Bill and Fallon. Seriously, who could throw something like this away?

When we were working in our bedroom I went through the entire contents of my nightstand, which has five drawers, the better to save stuff in! Not only were there loads of cards, but there were loads of started, and never finished, journals from years ago. I even found one from the time Jon boy was a baby where I put down hour by hour what I did for a few days. Whew! Made me tired just reading it. For the record there was none of this going to bed at 9:30 business back then. This blog, all 1307 posts, is the only thing I've kept up on a regular basis. Of course, I've not had four children and a husband to take care of while writing this blog! So, I just keep writing....

Early one morning I took my camera out back trying to get some photos of the sunrise against the bare trees. I noticed the trail going straight upwards, but at the time I didn't think too much about it. A day or two later I read in the paper that NASA launched a rocket to take stuff to the International Space Station, and I'm pretty confidant this trail is from that rocket.
The birds seem to have finally adjusted to our move of one of the feeders from the back yard to the front. The cardinals found it first.
They are SO red this time of the year!! Taken through our glass door, this photo shows, for the first time, a close up, or as close as I can get, of the female and male red winged blackbird.
Someone told me they were attractive up close, however, I couldn't get close enough when the feeder was in the back yard to appreciate the intricacies of the feathers on the female. These two were enjoying their meal, and then along came Mr. Woodpecker.
Woodpeckers are kind of bossy, and it wasn't long before the other birds took off. Mr. Titmouse was still looking for the feeder in the back yard.
That is one adorable bird, isn't it?

Although I'd already done my morning bike ride, when Cheryle called in the afternoon, asking if I wanted to ride over to a super cool house, I said, of course I want to see a super cool house. Along the way we saw this house, which although was not our destination, was very interesting indeed.
Not only does the pool cover have a gazillion solar panels, there is a massive structure on the other side with a gazillion more. There were some workman outdoors, that you don't see, that told us all of the Chinese lanterns light up nightly, courtesy of those solar panels.

That day was cool and sunny, today, not so much. In fact, the cloudiness and chilliness, along with a chance of rain, does not bode well for the market, but that is how the cookie crumbles. Trying to figure out what to wear on days like these is always a challenge, and of course the should he, or should he not, put up the tent sides? I've been wrong on many occasions in the past, so perhaps today will be a good day. Time will tell....
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