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Just yesterday, while talking to Nancy, she made a reference to "the blog." Not Camera Crazy, not your blog, but "the blog." I've found that she is not the only one who calls it that, which I find very amusing--as if it has taken on a life of it's own. Perhaps that is true? 

By the time this is published, the number of page views will most likely exceed 100,000 which is quite a milestone for me. Of course, it has taken nearly eight years to get there, but, really, who's counting? Well, Google is, that is who.
For most of the years I've been writing, I was not aware of this feature, but now that I am, I can't get enough of it. Not so much the numbers, but what posts people click on years after the fact. I'll read the titles, under posts, in the above screen shot, and wonder to myself, "what was that post about?" Then, if I have time, I'll go back and see what, say, "A Dying Mall and Katy Perry too!" was all about. I have to admit, it is a fun way to keep track of one's life.

I suppose it is the images that people are searching for, using the tags I put on the bottom of each post. Matt taught me how to do that. Thus, the map shows you where people are from who come across my blog. The truth is, Matt taught me how to do most of what I know about blogging. He, I'm pretty confidant, probably never imagined I would keep going for so long. Sometimes, neither can I, however, writing was always my first passion, and now that I've found a platform, I can't really imagine not doing it.

Count me a happy girl--a roasting pan I purchased at Marshalls did not fit my oven, so that part was not great, however, returning it the store on Colonial, I found my favorite TEA!
I adore this tea, so much so, I once purchased a huge quantity from Amazon, however, it took so long to use it, the freshness diminished. Generally I do purchase this at TJMaxx, or Marshalls, one and the same company btw, but for months and months now, there were no boxes on the shelves. I've tried other tea, but none compare to my taste buds. The good news is, they not only had this box of 40, but another one with 80 bags!! This morning my "cuppa" was more to my liking.

The fellow at the clock repair store is going to think I'm plum crazy, or vice-versa! Once again, I went back with not only my beautiful wall clock that had stopped working, but this cute clock on my dresser.
Matt gave me this clock, I don't know how many years ago, and I love it. The sweeping second hand, the tilt of the frame, and the Roman Numerals. Except, every now and again, it starts buzzing very loudly. This is a new phenomenon, and one that might not be easily tolerated, except, every now and again, it decides to begin buzzing during the dead of night, as in, when we are sound asleep. Quite loud, the sound never fails to wake us up. His advice for the buzzing? Beat on it. Turns out it would cost $125 to repair, at the least, which is more than the clock is worth. As to the wall clock? You may recall that the last time I went there he pointed out that the battery was inserted incorrectly. Well, duh? I can fix that. Except, that fix did not last. I put in a fresh battery, but within the month, it stopped again. He took one look at it, saying there is corrosion, just wipe it off. Okay, I can do that. The verdict? It still is not working. Maybe tens years of service is enough? Haven't decided yet. The beating I gave the little clock seems to have done the trick for the moment.

I've got a bit of a dilemma that I'm looking for input. Rarely does a Sunday pass when a potential customer asks me if I have anything to go with a print, or canvas, I'm displaying. Below is the latest example.
This one was taken during our overnight stay in Daytona Beach to celebrate our 40th anniversary! Okay, so I say to the fellow, I'll look through my photos and see what I might have to coordinate with this image. And, that's what I do, spending an hour or two going through the multitudes. I put a web album together, and send it on its way. And then, nothing. Not a word. Eventually, after four or so days, I send an email stating that it is okay if nothing suits them, however, confirmation of receipt of the album would be appreciated. Several days pass before a response comes that they have decided to look elsewhere. The last part is fine, the first part not so much. Isn't it just plain common courtesy to respond to someone's effort? Is there another way to deal with this as in "Sorry, I've nothing to coordinate"? Any ideas?

Oh those cabinets, the treasures they hold! During last week's clean out, I came across this photo of myself, and Peggy Batchelor, the sister of Nancy's first husband, and father of our nieces, Laura and Sara.
I have no clue why I have an 8x10 print of the two of us, but I'm glad that I do. When we moved to Melbourne, following the 10th grade, I went to Melbourne High School, more commonly known as Mel Hi, a name I thought was atrocious. Big city girl that I was. Or snob, one of the two. Anyway, while there I made about one friend--Peggy. Gosh I liked her so much. Upon graduation I left Melbourne as quick as I could to return to Orlando and Bruce and never looked back.
Through the miracle of facebook, she found me, becoming a pretty regular reader of this space.

The blog---thank you dear readers.
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