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We've Had Some Rain

As we were preparing for bed Sunday evening, after watching a bit of the Golden Globe Award Show, the sound of a gentle rain could be heard through the open window. Before long, that gentle rain became not so gentle, with some pretty serious wind action along for the ride.  A very nice way to fall asleep, don't you agree?

By morning, it was over, but boy, oh boy, was everything drenched. I'm lucky in that, either direction I take, after leaving our street, errands can be done within a mile. Shopping, dry cleaning, the post office, the produce market, all are to the right. To the left is my bank. Most of you don't go to the bank so often anymore, however, weekly I receive cash that begs depositing. A good thing, I might add.

So, I took the left turn and rode to the bank with my deposit. I decided, since I was so close, to cross Orange Avenue, (scary as it is) and ride into Cypress Grove Park, last visited for the Christmas light display. Because it is winter I assumed the roses would be in bloom, and my assumption turned out to be right on. Bonus points for heavy raindrop coverage!
Leaving the house, the sky was still gloomy, however, the sun peeked out of the grey for a little while, enough so that the water droplets glinted in the bright light. In particular I was amazed at how they stuck to the leaf edges on the rose bushes.
Tiny little dew drops, oh wait, make that raindrops! The red climbing roses had a gold glint to the blooms as they raised their pretty faces to the sun.
I wish I'd done a better job on the red roses--I'm not sure the photo is really conveying the beauty that I saw. Then too, African irises are beginning to bloom.
Don't you find it interesting how the petals on the iris lose their pigmentation? Or is that what you would call it? Whatever the terminlogy, they look as delicate as lace...

It is awfully hard to find a place to ride your bike in a spite of miles of walkways, bicycles are not allowed on them. I confess to occasionally breaking that rule because the park was nearly empty. Mostly I confined my time to the parking lots, roadways, and the long dock.
Are we all still in agreement about the cuteness of my bike?

Good. Let us continue our journey.

There were spider webs galore, including plenty between the dock side slats,
and amongst the shoreline foliage:
Everything I saw was good. I'm sure I could draw some parallels between the wonder of nature, and appreciating life to the fullest, and what have you, however, up till then, those thoughts did not occur to me. When I saw the exposed roots to the smallish Oak tree, while the sun made the reeds in the far background light up, it was then that some philosophical thoughts began to percolate in my little brain.
Is it doing the same to you? Well, maybe it is a stretch, but I was thinking about how far and wide my personal roots go. Are they exposed for anyone to see? Or, like most of the trees in the park, are my roots just nudging the surface?

Well, that sounds pretty corny doesn't it?

More practically speaking, my side flower garden is planted where once, a gigantic oak tree stood, with larger roots than you see pictured. When the time came to have it taken down, they ground the major roots, but still much of the side roots remain, leaving me with some difficulties planting flowers amongst them. I do what I'm able.

The sun played peek-a-boo most of the day, however, when it came time to do a few errands needing the car, some sprinkles began to fall. Not enough for an umbrella, or, so I thought! Heading into the library it occurred to me that I might need an umbrella, but, ever the optimist, I left it in the car. Bad move. By the time I was ready to leave, with some books that may or may not be good, including Silas Marner, a classic I've yet to read, the rain was so intense, you could barely distinguish the cars in the parking lot. Eventually I made a run for it. So I got a little wet...big deal.

I decided to postpone my planned trip to William Sonoma, where I was headed next to redeem my Christmas gift card from Bill. I'm very glad that I did because the rain just kept hanging around. And around, and around,... This morning I could not wait for daylight to see how much fell. Checking my rain gauge....
well, you can see for yourself how much fell in about eight hours time. We've exceeded our monthly average in one day! Enough already--Mr. Sunshine, show your face will you?

Before I forget, while Jon boy was home he told me about a show we could watch on Netflix, The Honourable Woman, and no that is not a typo, it is the British spelling because it is a BBC production.  Here's a link that, in spite of misspelling the name of the show, gives you a bit of information. We watched two episodes while he was here, followed by me binging on four episodes while Bruce was out with some old buddies, followed by two more last week. Captivating, albeit, confusing, and complicated, I was delighted to see Maggie Gyllenhaal win the GG award Monday night. Watch if you feel inspired. :)

Finally, just as I suspected, the market on Sunday was pretty much a downer, or at least for most of the day. Crazy weather, with chilliness requiring a jacket and sweater, dampness which always makes it feel colder, rain, yes, rain, and two hours before closing time, the sun came out and I couldn't peel my outerwear off fast enough! Sales were mostly pathetic until just about an hour before closing. a physician from Tampa walked in, studied everything. and asked if I might wrap up two of the framed canvases. I agreed to do so.

It's official--FSU is no longer the College Football National Champs, ceding the title to Ohio State in a good game last night. There is always next season!
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