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New Life for the Old Sofa

To be frank with you, I never in my wildest imagination, would have dreamed that our old sofa would be here so quickly after undergoing a major transformation. Oh my goodness! I mentioned that I nearly bought a new one that looks like this from West Elm. For reasons previously stated, I did not, however, I did show the photo to Mr. Upholstery, and he said he would do what he could. Well he did.

I took a photo yesterday morning showing how it previously looked before he came to take the second one away, while delivering the first one.
Please notice the high arms, the non-welted cushions and Mr. Baxter asleep on the top. Don't know how that is going to work out for him now that the sofa looks like this!!!
Unbelievable! I could not quit staring at it, and in fact, I might just have to go have a look at it right this very minute. I can't decide whether I like the color, or the lowered arms the most. :)

I'm back--it still looks fantastic! I was a little concerned my orange lamps wouldn't work, but, you know what? I think they look just fine. The throw pillows are still a work in progress...

No telling when sofa #2 shows up. A photo only tells some of the story; the fabric is a basket weave with a some aqua in it, which to date I've not used in the living room. Very subtle though, so I don't need to go changing everything. (That's what I say now!)

I sent Nancy a photo by text, and instead of texting back, she called. I got a kick out of her saying that "I never said anything, but I always thought the color of the sofas was not your style." Or something to that effect, without coming right out and saying it was an ugly color, which it was. For fifteen plus years no less!

I don't know about you, but I do most of my reading in bed at night. Friday was no different except we had a guest I mentioned in my last post. So, while Baxter was in his sleeping chair....
Mr. Max, with much longer legs to do so, hopped right on up to join me.
Let's just say it was not our best night of sleeping. We were watching Max because Crystal and Nadav made a quick trip up to St. Augustine, finalizing plans for their upcoming November wedding to be held in that lovely city. I'm so glad destination weddings were not fashionable when we got married.

Lest you think everything I do/make turns out well, don't be fooled by the photos; you only see the good stuff. That said, here's something that turned out not so good at all.
I have no idea what happened, but this loaf of sandwich bread not only looked pretty bad, the taste was not so great either. Rather than toss it, I spruced it up by making french toast yesterday morning.

Then too, I am still having fun with stamps. Friday morning I made a trip to Community Thrift on Orange Avenue, and who should I run into, but the queen of thrifting--Sue. Glad that I did because without her guiding me,  I would have completely missed the grab bags, priced at $1.91. Mine included this tray, along with a Peter Rabbit melamine bowl, some lunch bags, and a tart pan! I began working on the tray immediately.
Unfortunately, the poly urethane I put on it when it was all covered in stamps was not my best move, dulling the vividness of the stamps. I'm still learning.

While working on the tray I kept hearing the sound of the crows which drew me outside with my camera in tow. I give you a winter scene from the end of our street.
You can always count on both a good time at Cheryle and David's home, as well as international guests.
Plus you can always count on Cheryle having her reading glasses on her head! Catherine, making the funny face in the foreground is here for an extended stay from the Isle of Wight, whereas the woman with the empty wine glass is from Victoria Island in British Columbia. Through their two plus years doing airbnb, they sure have made some interesting friends.

This has been a glorious weather weekend so far, perfect for a major art festival. After all of my whining about not being selected for various art shows I've applied to, this time I turned the tables, and skipped one I was selected for. I once did Images in New Smyrna Beach, and it was good, however, after doing a few shows this past fall, I've decided maybe they aren't for me. Weather worries, crowd worries, driving worries--enough already.

The market is the place for me, and in fact, I'm heading there after packing my lunch bag. Wish me luck!
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